Good going, Sweden

“Sweden’s ruling center-right coalition faced the prospect on Monday of forming a minority government after losing its majority in an election because of a surge in support for an anti-immigrant party.”

“Anti-immigrant party”, read “racist party.”

Getting drunk sounds like a good idea right now, but I’d probably just get more depressed.

This just in:

Countries don’t like outsiders (especially ones of different races) from coming into their countries AND TAKING DER JERBS!

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OHMIGOD, 984 is making fun of me! I will now declare I shall hereby ignore everything he says and start campaigning about mods abusing their powers!

You know, somehow that actually made me feel better. I got a chuckle, at least.

Hitler was democratically elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Democracy works :smugyoshi:

Anti-immigration != racism.

Eh, the majority of the time it does. Most arguments against immigrants don’t hold water, particularly the one about how they steal jobs. People like to think that immigrants take more from the countries they move to than they provide because that makes their bigotry feel justified, even though its a load of crap.


Immigants. I knew it was dem. Even when it was da bears, I knew it was dem! Lousy immigants, come to dis country and don’t even bother to learn demselves the langawedge.

Ironic since those calling it probably don’t work half as hard and are too comfortable to bother. They take jobs because they are offered and the rewards are greater than in their homeland. Hence immigrating in the first place?

It might say anti-immigration party now, Hades, but these guys have always been racists. They’ve just cleaned up their wording and tossed in some promises about care for the elderly, but their leader has stated such things as that he doesn’t want people to move here, and he doesn’t want Swedes to go outside of Sweden to work and bring back outside influences. Swedes need to get more Swedish, whatever the hell that means.


I, too, sprouted a chicken out of my pants after seeing those four blondes.

Goddamn Swedes…them with their Ikea home furnishings and ABBA.

waves to weiila germany is currently up on its feet because of politician thilo sarrazin, who published a book in which one of his arguments is that immigrants, especially muslims, are stupifying the country because of their (genetically!) low average IQ and education levels. Among others. Note that he is a member of the SPD,our social democrats, who are royally pissed off, but he refuses to resign. He’s currently a media sensation, sparking up all kinds of idiotic immigration debates, and his book is now a bestseller. Happy times.

There’s one party labeled anti-immigration over here too, (Perussuomalaiset, “True Finns”) with it’s roots in the left. The Finnish Christian Party can’t even label them racist as the parties had an alliance in the last elections. Their beef is with immigrants not them “stealing” jobs (you need education first), but them getting better benefits than our native benefit-dependent population for absolutely nothing.

Swedish Democrats on the other hand, have their roots in the extreme right. But still, if 6% of Sweden voted for SD, then… every twentieth or so person who walks past you on the streets is…?

And Zepp kind of sums up what I had to say about democracy. Of course, if people in a country wanted to boost their economy to insane levels by lobbing weapon manufacturing and the leadership just is that damn charismatic to be elected to power for a long period because they brought a country from/to bankruptcy due to change of domestic policies, it can’t really be that bad? rimshot

Ah yes, guess I could bring out my folkdräkt and wear it as everyday clothing. Three layers of wool wouldn’t actually hurt since winter is around the corner, but I do balk a bit at the idea of wearing a set of clothes that has to be hand made and costs about, lesse, $1000 all in all at work.

Dragon Tear: I read about that, and it’s really disheartening that those kinds of things are getting so much attention. Talk about playing right into the hands of those who actually are violent. Why do the wretched minorities screaming about these kinds of things always whip up storms?

Then dress like the second picture.

I think leopard-print counts as outside influence. The bikini must also be wool.

Alas, I am not Swedish enough to contend with my home country’s autumn weather in such clothing.

Then, indeed, the Swedes need to get more Swedish.