Good GBA games?

I’m going out to purchase a Gameboy Advanced SP today. Well I’m not exactly sure what games to get with it, I’m probably going to be buying two. What are some good games. I was thinking Metroid Fusion for one.

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And for GOd’s sake, don’t get LUNAR Legend, if you’ve played the one for PSX already.

Lol I haden’t a clue Igatona would be doing the same thing as me…

EDIT: I happen to like Lunar Legends ;.;

Are you kidding, that thing’s like a retarded 4-year-old’s version of LUNAR! It’s way too easy to win, There’s no skill required in battle, and the dialogue’s crap! I would never have Ghaleon say “see you later!” ever!

She’s quite right.

we’ve made these suggestions countless times. follow the links.