Good free FTP program

Please provide suggestions or hacks and the like.

FTPEXplorer. Basicly it’s Windows Explorer in FTP format. Get a crack from Much less complicated than WS_FTP.

EDIT: Wait, I think Epic has a ‘free’ version of WS_FTP on his Fserv though.

FTP Explorer isn’t free, and it does enforce it’s expiration. It’s awesome thugh, so if you have a crack…

I’ve Accesed RPGC Tatarus and with it.

Big Nutter

I use WS_FTP

It’s not free, but I’m using one called FlashFXP. I like it very much. WS_FTP always truncated file extensions from .shtml to .SHT and capitalized file names and reduced them to an 8 letter maximum, and it was really getting on my nerves.

I applied for a free liscence at ftpx. I hope I get one :expressionless: free last time I checked, pretty user-friendly as well. :slight_smile:

Since this jerk won’t offer me a free liscence (he’s just not emailing me back), I’m going the way of the crack. I’m sick of WSFTP, so I’ll go for FTPX. The problem is that I can’t find the crack on mscracks. Other ideas or suggestions? Actually, I just tried smart ftp. I like it! Thanks Neb!


Big Nutter

Edit: nvm

I’m sick of WS FTP’s GUI.

I’ve been using WSFTP Lite for several years. I thought it was good 'cause it was free at the time and did the job. Then I saw CuteFTP’s GUI. I downloaded the latest version and got a crack off my friend and have never gone back. =D

I use SmartFTP, it’s free for personal use.

ws_ftp has updated its GUI recently. I noticed this the other day when I had to redownload it. It’s a little snazzier looking now.

I really like CuteFTP