Good Computer Games

I really haven’t bought a lot of computer games. I normally like RPGs like Final Fantasy because I like the mixture of great storyline and gameplay. My favorite games are good action RPGs like the Tales series. I also like Halo and Resistance Fall of Man, but I haven’t played many shooters. Any suggestions on any good computer games to buy? It can be any type of computer game. (Perhaps just tell me what your favorite computer games are and why.) Thanks in advance.

Civilization 4

You’re welcome. Get it and say good bye to your time.

Dwarf Fortress. Something Awful thread link because I’m lazy.

StarCraft and Sacrafice both rts games and their really good

and i would say civ 3 because i never got civ 4 but i bet its better. get that

Civ4. Once you buy this game you will never have free time again.

Also, if you like RPG’s, try to find a copy of Anachronox. Delightful little RPG, with some great characters.

I highly suggest the Heroes of Might and Magic series. You really don’t need to play the earlier ones as their stories are only loosely linked. It’s up to V now, but the “expansion pacK”, which is a stand alone game comes out real soon as well.

I like Final Fantasy 11(they screwed a few things up but It’s still a pretty good game). If you want to know the worst PC game(or worst game ever), has to be Big Rigs: over the road racing. If you’ve never heard of it, search it on youtube. Don’t ever buy it or prepare to be riped off.:no2: