Good, clever, but still a bit disappointing.

I’m talking about Zelda: Wind Waker. The dungeons are pretty clever and I love how you can interact with almost everything (like cutting the ropes on bridges and knocking over dishes). The story makes the Zelda games really come together and make sense (such as I’m playing LttP and I notice more things and parts make more sense). The game is also the most diffiult Zelda so far in my opinion (as seems to be the way with game series continued to the GC). However, the water and wind elements ruins much of it for me. In the boat it feels like I’m just sitting there waiting to get to the next area since nothing really happens and the wind thing just adds extra work. Unlike most games where you ride in a boat and control everything like the character, the wind element makes things needlessly confusing and frustrating. At least there are more areas to visit than in past Zelda games an the areas themselves are more interesting. I just hope the world comes together better later in the game.

Where are you in the game? If you’re worried about the pace, the game does open up a lot at the end, and you’ll gain some useful things to make sea journeys faster.

I think WW was the worst Zelda to date, it was a bitch to go anywhere even with teleporting, there were 5 dugeons, it was entirely too easy, and the whole triforce collection part was just tedious.

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I think going to dungeons to find the triforce pieces would’ve been a lot better than randomly grabbing things out of the ocean. And the water travel got annoying when you had to travel from island A on the far north of the map to island B on the far south of the map before you got alternative ways of travel. Otherwise I liked the game a lot.

Yeah, I would have liked the Triforce Shards to have been in dungeons. That way the game would have been way longer and a lot more fun.

I disagree, the treasure hunting at the end of the game really let you go out into the ocean and explore since you had to go out there anyway. So it really gives you the opportunity to explore some far off islands when you have your best equipment.

This wasn’t the worst Zelda to date, but it wasn’t the best. It had it’s faults. It’s fun, but yes, the whole boat thing was irritating.

It can get a bit tedious having to sail around, that’s true. I sort of like the sailing bit, though, mostly because I enjoy being able to spend most of the time sailing around and seeing the sights: Which Wind Waker is excellent for. So I guess the game is pretty perfect for me, although, it gets horribly easy at times.

Zelda games have become my favorite games since I got here. I swore that I wouldn’t get Zelda: ALttP since I have the SNES version and it works perfectly, but I couldn’t resist being out here. All of the little things that used to bug about Zelda games I love now. Orakio’s walkthroughs are perfect and help me greatly when I get stuck. I’m a bit disappointed to know that he won’t make a Wind Waker shrine, but I understand completely after what happened. I’m using a GamePro one since it is structured similarly to the way Orak does them, but it pails in comparison. I’m on the second dungeon right now (I just got the boomerang). I guess my gaming skills have sunk since I’m finding Wind Waker the hardest so far.

Yeah, the whole BOAT RIDE TO EVERYWHERE made me want to smah something. The dungeons were incredibly well designed but the whole riding a boat for ten minutes to get anywhere was annoying.

I liked it but it was too easy.

The sailing is a crime.

OoT was much better and harder too.