Good-bye friends.

'tyall, good day.

I am leaving RPGC, because my computer died. >.<

:fungah: So, I won’t be getting my 600 posts back. Sorry.

You all hate me. ;.; Don’t you?

Well, you’re all happy now, right?

See y’all in the distant future!

Goodbye comrade.

We’ll get over it somehow. :suckah:

Sarcasm aside, good bye and have a good life.

Have fun and don’t do anything too stupid.

Man, no wonder they took it away :stuck_out_tongue: You bitched then, you’re whining now and look at your sig. Although, I guess I’m biased.

Goodbye, mr No Computer.

I will miss you like I missed Uriel

Heh. Bai bai. Good luck doing whatever comes next… and staying there…



RPGC’s motto should be: The beatings will continue until morale improves.

No the beatings will continue forever, who gives a frikin crap about moral?

And, so long…person whom is called Setz

Goodbye Setz. And always remember the things that I have taught you, and life will be a breeze.

Farewell Setz, may you not be one that returns.

Bai Setz. ^^

Well, whatever man. Won’t be seein’ ya around, so BYE! :wave:

So long, no post.

Lets all be assholes! :smiley:

Bye. :wave:

I have that t-shirt