Golden Sun

I need help BADLY on Golden Sun, even though I have a Nintendo Power which tells me how to get EVERY Djinn, I need other info too!

This would probably go better in the gaming help forum and what kind of help you do need?

Full Golden Sun Walkthrough with everything you’ll need to finish the game and do everything there is to do.

Well, I don’t really want a walkthrough…
More like a map. Of everything. Especially Sol Sanctum.

there is a shrine on this on rpgc i think, that is, if you don’t mind waiting a couple of days until they re-upload it :slight_smile:

Yea, I guess I’ll wait, as I’m stuck in Sol Sanctum. If I get out, it’ll be a miracle.

Wait, you’re stuck in Sol Sanctum? That’s the first dungeon type area, heh…

Here’s a general hint: When you’re not sure what to do, use Psynergy. It’s often the key to unlocking puzzles.

And push stuff, pushing stuff usually helps.

And if all else fails, just check gamefaqs.

Or go on google and search. You can find anything there.

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
Or go on google and search. You can find anything there.

10 bucks you’ll could find Golden Sun p0rn :stuck_out_tongue:

With this day and age I’m sure you could find hundreds of Micheal Jackson porn sites.

Ew, that wasn’t needed gamer… And if I wanted to, I probably could find Golden Sun porn, but I’m not going to look.

Hunter made a GS shrine, but, like many, Cid has to re-upload it. You can either go to GameFAQS, or you can wait a few days (in my opinion, Hunter’s guide is much more user friendly).

i can probably help you out. what part of sol sanctum are you stuck at?

and yes, use psynergy when in doubt.

It always helps to say exactly what your problem is. Besides, this belongs in the Game Help forum anyways so… punt

Well, of course I could go to GameFAQs, but I’m not about to look at maps made on Notepad. So I’ll wait for the shrine to be up. Also, I got out of Sol Sanctum last night, now I gotta do the thingy in Vault.

Which thingy? The robberies?

I kinda think it’s disturbing that you got stuck in Sol Sanctum, but I did when I first played it. Heh.

Although the porn thought is more disturbing. LEt us never speak of it again. And let’s boil Gamer5389 in oil so he can never bring it up again.

Originally posted by Booken
10 bucks you’ll could find Golden Sun p0rn :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t be surprised… some people turn ANYTHING into p0rn…