Golden Sun - The Lost Age

I’m having a lot of trouble with Dullahan, the hidden boss in Anemos Sanctum. Please tell me any good strategies that you have. Thanks.

Your best bet would be to put almost every djinn on standby prior to going into battle, but leave the ones with the shield abilities set so you can use them for defense in battle. While in the battle, summon the most powerful summons you can, and alternate use of shielding djinn with the summons while rotating some adepts out for more summon use, and you should be okay.

All in all, just use common sense.

common sense has nothing to do with this guy. he is the hardest boss. strong attacks, and being able to put all djinn on recover. Either you beat him or you don’t. just save before your about to fight him and try over and over.

My strategy is a full-out summon. you should have all of the other combo summons when you fight him. standby ALL djinn and start the battle, summon the best that you can. don’t use the missle guy though, cause he doesn’t like working. don’t worry about your guys surviving if all of the summons for that group have been used. if your still alive after summoning all of the possible summons, wack at him until the first group dies, and team two comes out. repeat and hope for the best. I was around level 39-44 when i fought this guy, and I had to fight him many times before i fianally got lucky. really hard. but worth it to complete the game and get the best summon. Iris, does huige damage and heals the party as well if I’m correct.

Thanks. I’m on average level 48 and have all the other summons so it shouldn’t be too hard. One more thing, I know Iris heals you but does it do the most damage?

Just go level up a little more before you get to him, dammit.

yeah, I believe it does very nice damage. haven’t played the gamer much after I finished it all. but iris needs 9 mars and 4 mercury or something to use, so it might be used twice in a battle.