Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The Update thingie.

How does the Update command work exactly? I know that some events are triggered by stuff you may or may not have done in Golden Sun 1 (For example, the vault thieves coming after Felix if Isaac checked Vault after going to Kalay). They are all set up to get the golden equipment.

Here’s my case: I did some things in GS and I missed some others, I finished the game and got as Clear Data. Then I started Golden Sun: The Lost Age with that clear data and left the game halfway (After you get Picard’s ship). Then In restarted GS1 and did all the stuff I missed and with a more powerful party and all the Djinni.

This is my question: If I Update the Clear Data of the GSTLA game I left incomplete with the Clear Data I got from the second time I played GS, will I get these events? For example, supposedly you get the Golden Ring from Fehizi in GSTLA if you saved Hsu in GS. The first time I missed that. Now, if I update, will I get this event or I’ll need to start a new GSTLA game? Note that I still haven’t got to the point where Fehizi is supposed to appear in GSTLA.

I know this is really confusing but if someone manages to understand what I’m saying I’ll be thankful.

I understand you, Seraph, and from what I know, yes, you CAN update the data in the game to affect events in GSII at any point in the game AS LONG AS you haven’t reached that particular event. Note, after you get the party from the first game added to the second game’s, no updating is possible.

Thanks. I really didn’t feel like going trough Airs Rock all over again.