Golden Sun 2: Transferring data

Okay, Maybe I’m just retarded or something, but I can’t get my damned data from Golden Sun 1 to go over to the Sequel. I start the transfer thingy, but it just says “Preparing to recieve Clear Data” or osmething. I started this fucking link 29 minutes ago. Could someone tell me if I’m missing somethign here, or is one of my games malfunctioning?

Well, that doesn’t sound normal at all. That sounds like some sort of malfunction. Assuming that you have everything properly connected, cables, cartridges and all, this shouldn’t have happened.
I don’t have any experience with the real thing, only with emulation, but if this keeps up maybe you should just transfer the data through a password.
Oh, and I hope you have a backup, because if the transfer suffered a malfunction, maybe the saved file got FUBARed.

You gotta hit some buttons on the GBA with the 1st GS game in it. That should bring up the link command on the 1st game. I just did mine Gold Password style(took forever, but worked.)

Yes, there are commands to enter while using Golden Sun to prepare for the data transfer. I don’t remember them offhand, but I know that the manual (for TLA anyway) will say what to do.

I think it had something to do with pressing R+Left or something on the main menu when you had a “clear game” file, and the send option should appear on the left of the others. I’m not completely sure because I did it a long time ago.

Oh, and maybe I should thank you, Val. Now you’ve made me want to get back to GS2. That, and you reminded me of how much I love the game music. ^^

Are you sure you’re using an Advance link cable? A friend of mine and me had that problem.

And if all else fails, you could always copy down that bigass password.

I copied the password too and entered it a couple of times, but finally did something that worked, though started off with the other guy and not issac, was that supposed to happen? Probably screwed up on me too ;_; Still is fun though but i stopped a while back cause i was coming to a part where i have to fight without armor and thus that means i should level up some.
hugs Manus I love the music too ^ _ ^

In Golden Sun 2, you only get to play with the original group far into the game. The password system is there to transfer their levels, djinns, items, etc… It’s specially important because of the item and djinn transfer.

The Game Boy Advance requires a special Link Cable? That’s my problem, then. Thanks, GG! (I just got the game, and I want to battle my little brother.)