Golden Sun 2 - Link problems...

I’m posting this on behalf of a friend.
He just got GS2, and can’t get the data tarnsfer to work from GS1 when he starts the game. Before you ask, yes, he DOES have some Clear Data saved. COuld something give a HIGHLY detailed explanation on how to do it?

On another note, I was told you can also retrive data by using a password…but how do you get a password in the first place?

EDIT: Never mind, we mananged to figure it out. But convinetly, we came across something else w couldn;t figure out. :slight_smile:
We can;t do linked battles. The desk lady just keeps asking if we want to fight monsters. My friend thinks it may be beacuase there’s a bit of a level difference between us. Could that be the problem?

Hmmm… That doesn’t make much sense… Are you sure the manual says you can do link battles between Golden Sun 1 and 2?

I wouldn’t be positive that you could battle with your people being from gs1 and 2. Wee just got golden sun2 tonight
Writing out that 6 page password was um fun ;p and i wrote down about 3 characters wrong grr. And now to try it once more…
DOH have to enter it a 3rd time, though i think i know why it’s messing up now cause maybe i have to be issac and enter the name i made for him?

Nah, we’re just trying to do a battle between 2 copies of 1…someone else managed to solve our problems with 2’s linkup.

Yippey! 3rd time was a charm not even a week has past and im gonna go to those ruins near Champa, i wanna make it last ;_; But i guess there might some replay value since im not sure i actually am supposed to still be having the felix group, i thought it would start where gs1 left off? Weird