Golden Sun 1 (Yes, Again)

This is for Golden Sun 1. I’m looking for an armor (Equipable by Isaac) called “Dragon Scales” (Do not mistake for “Dragon Shield”). I heard it was somewhere in Crossbones Island but I searched the whole place and haven’t found a trace of it.

It’s Isaac’s best armor so I guess if it’s not in the cave it must be in Venus Lighthouse but I wanted to check here before I go scanning the whole tower.

My brother is a huge GS fan, and he said check Venus Lighthouse. It’s there, but he’s not sure where.

Yeah, Venus Lighthouse… i believe on one of the upper floors hidden behind a sand waterfall thingie…

Dragon Scaled armor ehh

checks copy of gs

heh, I do have it.

checks gamefaqs walkthrough

yep, its found in the topfloors of venus lighthouse. thanks “blackmaurader”

info from

don’t sue me.

Thanks. To think I spent so much time there until I got the Kikuichimonji (Or however the hell you spell it).