Goin on a trip.

That’s right, the next few days I’m going on vacation to the east coast. I’ll be in ohio for a few days because of a family reunion for my dads side of the family. Then I’m going to pennsylvania and Maryland for a few days as well. I’m gonna take pictures :smiley:

What part of Ohio?

Perhaps you will be in my area, in which case I will point and laugh.

Have fun.

how come nobody comes to Maine? ;_;

anyways, enjoy the east coast… loads of fun :slight_smile:

Can we sticky this so we can make others aware of long absences without a new thread every time?

Oh yeah, and have fun Exo.

Take care Exo, we probably wont even know you are missing :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Orakio
how come nobody comes to Maine? ;_;

Maine? You mean that strange far-away land? I have no clue why anyone WOULDN’T want to go there.

Exo: Have a nice trip. And remember not to get killed in some horrific acident.