Goddammit, I'm gonna kill my brother.

Have you ever spent days tearing your house apart, trying to find some old games you KNOW you’ve seen recently, only to find out that someone else took them?

I’ve been on a SNES binge recently, since I found a store nearby that still has a lot of SNES games- and ones that I remember from ym childhood that I want to buy. Anyway, while taking inventory of what games I DID have, I noticed quite a few ,missing. I searched the entire damn house for three days, until i hear my sister mention, "Oh, Mike apparently took those games. Says that since they’re officially his, he didn’t see a problem.?

I. Am. Going. To. KILL. HIM.

If he’d taken one or two games, or at least TOLD me before taking them, then fine, i wouldn’t be mad. But he took the following games, the ones with stars I’m POSITIVE I own:

Super Mario World
Super Mario All Stars*
Super Metroid*
Super Mario RPG*
Donkey Kong Country
And Illusion of Gaia.

He mioght have taken more- I don’t know, can’t be sure if I’m forgetting something. The point is, he grabbed them. The worst part is, to the best of my knowledge, his Dorm doesn’t even HAVE a working SNES- or nonworking one! I swear, I am going to drive up there, punch him in the fuckign face, and take those games back.

well what are you waiting for? go kill him.

:moogle: and rob his ass while your at it.

I don’t condone violence,but I have to make an exeption here for games #3,4,and 7,so I agree with cait go kill him.

You can’t just kill someone for taking your games…you must torture them, THEN kill them.

And put their head on a pike on the front lawn as an example to other would be game takers.

after quartering them and sending thier body parts to various corners of scotland as a warning!

He’s probly using them as drink coasters as we speek.

Yeah, dont think about how those tsunami victims are feeling, think about your stupid little games.

You, sir, need to get your priorities in order.

If it weren’t for the fact he’s already in trouble with the police fopr DWI, I’d agree. Of the three of us, Michael has always been the most abusive to our games. He once threw the controller so hard, it knocked the SNES off its table, to fall three feet, cartridge-first. (This being an SNES, which were DAMn durable, we just picked it up without even worrying it would be broken- too much, at least.) I believe that was the last time we EVER let him near our systems again. He always had to buy his own systems after that-and they were always pieces of shit, let me tell you. has fond memories of the Burning of the PS1

You know I simpathize, V, because of the fact MY Super Nes was stolen by my cousin’s ex-girlfriend (along with Super Mario RPG, dammit!!) > < lo these many years ago.

As to getting it back, don’t use violence… blackmail him by telling him you’ll spill his secret shames to his friends. ^_~

I hear there is a new thing going around called emulation. I’m not sure what its all about, but it has something to do with computers.

It has something to do with computers? BRILLIANT! Maybe I should give it a try sometime. 8P

In case you people don’t notice, that was a joke. I believe the post I quoted is also a joke.

Yeah, see, thats why all of my games goes in a box, in my room, hidden under my bed where nobody but me can find it. Damn people stealing my shit…

Would he make good Bloodwine you think?

I’ve never actually had any games stolen, but I have had sibling troubles. They can be just so damn annoying.

Maybe we should do something about it… on second thought I just can’t be bothered.

I can sympathize. My brother deletes my saved game files all the fucking time. D:

your bro’s such a pleasant chap isn’t he? :mwahaha: (no offense intended)

Kill? Torture? Actually I have a much better idea.

Humiliate him! :mwahaha: :mwahaha: (I know, my idea stinks :boring: )

No, I’m not going to blackmail him. In this case, I really prefer beating the crap out of him. TO make up for 17 years of being the youngest child of three, and all the regular tortures one is put through in such cases.

And so what if there’s emulation? Who here can honestly tell me that, once you got a ROM of one of your favorite games for the SNES, you’d willingly let someone steal the cartridge to the same game? I like playing on the normal system, if only to know i won’t abuse the savestates option.