God, this pisses me off.

From : nwachukwu michael <nwachukwu6@alex4all.com>
Reply-To : michaelgodbless@fastermail.com
Sent : 10 March 2004 12:29:41
To : nwachukwu5@alex4all.com

Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you ?hope fine .i feel the surprise this
mail will bring to you at frist sight .but i assure you that i
come with the best of intentions and good will.

Let me firstly introduce myself to you .
I am Mr Micheal Nwachukwu an Accountant with a Security company.
I came to know You in my private search for a reliable and
reputable person to handle this confidential transaction which
involve the transfer of a huge sum of money to a foreign account
maximum confidence.

A foreigner ,late Engr Johnson creek ,an oil merchant
/contractor with our government ,until his death 2 years ago
After a brief illness , Deposited with my company ,and had a
closing balance
of U.S$15. M (Fifteen million dollars ) which the deposited
expects it to be claimed by any available foreign next-of-kin
of the late
beneficiary or alternatively be donated to the or converted to
personal funds
by the goverment officials. Fervent valuable effort are being
made by security
company to get in touch with any of the Creek family or relative
but prove to no

It is 'cos of the percieved possibility of not been
able to locate any of the late Engr Johnson Creek
next-of-kin,That I have successfully manipulated the fund and
coverd it up till now,with the files covering the fund under my

At the favour of this plan i now seek your permission to have
you stand as the next-of-kin to late Engr Johnson Creek so
that the fund us$15.M would be released and paid into your
nominated bank account as the beneficiary next-of-kin .
All documents and prove to enable you get this fund will
be-carefully worked out . And more so we are assuring you of
100% risk free involvement.

It is expected that the transaction will run for 12 to 13 bank
working days, so your immediate reply is needed with your
interest indicated so that all necessary proceures will
cormence. We have agreed that the fund will be shared thus
,after it has
been transfered into your account .

1, 25% of the fund will be allocated to you for acting as the
beneficiary of the fund

2, 5% will be set aside for reimbursment to both
parties for any incidental expenses that may be incured in the
course of thetransfer .

3, 70% for us the originators of the transaction.
you can still discuss your interest as regards the sharing of
the fund.

Your reply is highly expected.

Kindly get to me immediately ,by furnishing me with
your confidential phone number,fax number and exclusive bank
particulars so that we can use theseinformation to apply for the
release and subsequent transfer of the funds in your favour .

Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation.please if your
very ready to assist reply this mail Via

Yours Sincerely ,


------------------It’s SomethingAwful Time------------------

Dear Sir

I must admit I am intriqued by your proposition, and would be eager to hear more about how you intend to arrange matters on your end. Of course I would need to know if any measures would be taken to assure my own security in this matter, as often on the internet you hear of matters such as this going sour, most revently when my fifth cousin once-removed was apprehended in the middle-east for internet fraud and had his possessions confiscated and his person thrown into gaol. Terrible business. You, however, seem to be a trustworthy confidant.

To be short, I am interested in going forward in this transaction, and await a reply.

Yours Sincerely

Exavier Chunmondly-Featheringstone III.

And I am indeed waiting their reply. If they were going to try and rip me off then they could at least take the time to write properly or at least NOT run it through babelfish before they sent it. Morons.


I got the first one as well. Idiots.

Actually the second one is me replying.

I got it, deleted it.

I don’t touch spam. I just toss it.

I haven’t seen any of those in a while. Could be because my spamfilters are catching them and stamping them with ‘This mail is probably spam’. I just redirect those to Deleted Items.

I love Spamassassin.