God of War (Spoilers may be inside, be careful!)

How come no one has made a post about this game yet? It’s gonna be a shoe in for action game of the year, probably even game of the year. If there has been a post on it already, “oops”.

If not… Discuss!

I’ll start things off by saying that Kratos infact is a badass. He also manages to do it without falling victim to the mamsy-pamsy bishonen makeover that a lot of japanese “badass” villans are seeing now-a-days. The game is driven by a original story that is set in Greek Mythology and follows Kratos’ quest for vengance and salvation from his nightmares of a rather unhappy past.

I don’t want to give anything away since I’m uncertain if anyone else here has played it yet.

Things to note about this game:
~Lots of ways to kill things.
~Good music and level design.

If there was any “downside” to the game, in my opinion it would be the fact that there are only two weapons in the game. The one(s) you start with, and a single 2handed blade that you gain later on. If you count the improved version of your main weapon, you could say there are 3. But essentially its the same weapon since the moves do not change. This all, however, isnt really a problem since each weapon has many many combos and attack variations that keeps the gameplay fun.

Although it is relitavely short, the difficulty of certain areas may have you spending a bit of time trying to tackle a single boss.

So… it’s easy, but with really tedious boss fights… wow, I have a new no. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000… haha

But, I will say, if the music’s good enough, that can sometimes make up for other downers.


No, its not easy. Pick it up and try. Well, its rated M, so get it when you are old enough. But it really is not an easy game.

It’s pretty easy, even on hard. Beat the game first time on hard within 8 hours. Short and easy.

Loved it though.

Bosses were great. Too bad they weren’t many of them.

The second one has alot of potential though. They didn’t announce it, but it’s sooo obvious that they intend to make a sequel.

That was the only thing I didn’t like about God of War - lack of bosses. The thing with impaling Hydra heads and stuff got me so pumped for the next boss… which I got. 5 hours later. And then there’s the final boss. 3 bosses total. I hope they include more next game.

Yeah, if you watch the making of, the developer was talking about how if there was one thing he would like to change, it’d be the lack of bosses.

God of War was one of the best PS2 games I’ve played, and proves to be the equal if not better against Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Kratos is indeed a badass and the execution styles were awesome, but as far as a sequel goes…I dunno. The ending was quite good, but I didn’t really see much for a sequel given what happens to him.

Moral of the story: Militaristic Spartans kicked ass more than pussy democratic Athenians (except navally)

I played a demo of this game and the only thing I have to say is that it is indeed a great game,who cares if it’s a little short if you have a great quality game.

nods agreed

Just beat God Mode.

I feel so manly now.