God of War Movie!

Have any of you heard about the plans to make a movie out of god of war?

Only about 9 months ago or so.

News to me, but I’ve never played the game. Well, I’ve watched someone play. So, enlighten me.

There is this guy, Cratos, who is known as The Spartan, The Ghost of Sparta, etc. he serves the gods of Olympus to fend off the horades of hades or someone like that. Onec he has done so, he is given the title God of War. Athena helped him to get to this position and helps hide Cratos. He is taking over city after city. When Athena warns him of the gods growing wrath, he ignores it. Then he tries to take over one of the final cities know as Rome. That is when Athena tries to stop Cratos. That was the gist of the first and second god of war games. To know more, visit.

lawd GoW 2 spoilers I suck at the posting.

Wikipedia: “An action-adventure game loosely based on Greek mythology”. XXXL loosely.

they need to restart the halo movie. hopefully after halo 3 comes out it will spark some interest in that project again

Kratos, not Cratos. And ew. Why God… why?

Here’s a question. Which will suck more GoW; the movie, or MGS; the movie?

That actually depends on whether Uwe Boll is doing any of them, Kill.

Uwe Boll is not directing either of them. Kojima is practically doing the MGS movie himself, and Jaffe is working very closely with the GOW movie team. So both will be decent at least. And to whoever posted the “summary” of the game- Maybe you should play the game before you give any sort of summary.

And he should really be kicked in the nuts for spoilers for the second game that came out just two days ago.

Man what, GoW could easily be an excellent movie. Take angry guy, have him kill a LOT of shit. You’re done.