God I hate this one class.

I’m taking this one lower division polticial theory class as an elective for my major. I was thinking it would be pretty easy since I’ve already taken some upper division political theory and did fine. I also figured that since it had been awhile since I had taken a complete political theory class (I’m taking another one this semester) and I’m taking a senior level theory class next semester, it’d be a great way to get caught up on some of the stuff. DAMN I WAS WRONG! Fuck, this is the first class where I feel that my teacher is wrong and doesn’t really know the subject. I feel that I know more about the subject than my teacher. I have a paper due in the class and it is the most retarded paper in the world. What should normally be a pretty cool and easy paper had turned into a hard and pointless paper. The assignment is to find a philospher and talk about the ideas in a work in of theirs. It only has to be 5 pages double spaced and only have one quote and paraphrase the rest. Pretty easy huh? All you have to really do is read the book and pull out some key ideas. Maybe get another book to refence some key parts or pages to make things easier. Well, my teacher decided to make things harder by making us have to get 5 other sources besides the work itself. WTF? What the hell are we suppose to do with that many sources.

Anyway, does anybody have an idea of how I can get 5 sources worth of stuff on Plato’s Republic? The instructions say to use outside sources to understand the author better, but this seems like overkill when it is possible to just read the book. I also need to do this withotu comparing or contrasting anything since that is for the next paper.

just search your univeristy’s library for critiques of Plato’s Republic. There’s bound to be a lot. Source 5 of them, maybe even read a few paragraphs in them, but I doubt you even have to go that far. If it is a freshman/sophomore level class it should work. I did that for all my english classes through high school and college. I HATE literature papers.

Yeah. Critiques of The Republic is your best bet, especially if you get competeing ideas.

Well I can’t use the competing ideas in this one really (since I’m suppose to just say what it says in simple terms), but I guess the critiques could maybe help link some of the ideas together a bit (which is already really simple). I guess I’m just over thinking it.

if your library has access to L’Annee Philologique, it should have sources on Plato’s Republic there. It’s an online site, ask a school librarian.

My school has something called Galileo. It has journal entries from like every type of professional journal possible going back to like 1940 in some cases.

I’ve gotten a little bit further in my paper. I’ve got sources, I’m just having a hard time figuring out how to integrate them into the paper. Since there is no actual topic besides reguritate what is already said in the book, using sources is hard. In another theory paper I have to do for another class, the assignment is actually a pretty good one. I have to take a philospher and tell how he would respond to a specific modern day issue (like the PATRIOT Act or the war in Iraq). Which is cool because I’ll obviously need sources to talk about the modern day issue and all I’ll have to do is refence page in the actual work to show where the author says the thing I’m claiming. This paper is just stupid since it is reguritation. I might post the paper next Monday (or earlier if I finish it then) to get your guys views on it (I hope to have my teacher check over some of it before then though). Although, from what you guys have said, I’ve got a little (very little) bit of an idea of how to use the sources. I think I’ll use them to maybe say how important a certain idea is in the book. Such as “so and so says that knowledge is very important in Plato’s Republic and is central to understanding this part of the book.” It’ll be lame and nothing I couldn’t easily do on my own, but whatever. Thanks guys.