God I hate this machine...

I got a computer that a friend pieced together for me, supposedly totally blank.
It’s got XP Proffesional on it, but there’s a damn password.
He said to reinstall XP.
I have no freaking clue how.

Insert windows XP disc in drive.


Follow instructions on screen.

Tried that long ago, my friend. It just opens XP as usual… no instructions whatsoever.

You might need to configure the BIOS to boot from CD. When the computer boots up, look for which key you need to press to change settings, and press that key. Then look for where you can configure which devices it boots from, and put the CD drive before the hard drive. Then when it restarts it will try booting from the CD instead of from the hard drive.

I will certainly try that. Tomorrow. Yawn.

Here. There’s tools you know.