God! I hate these people!

You said he goes to your school? Just super impose a picture of this guys face onto some picture of some guy fucking a goat, print it out and go to kinkos and make like, 2000 copies and put them into trash bags. Then inbetween classess dump them all into the hallways of your school.

Problem solved. Remember, physical violence is never the answer.

That is a damned lie! I never said anything like that!
This is character assassination and I will not stand for it!
I demand that Ninten will have his nose cut off then be stuffed into a sack with a wild animal and then the sack be thrown in a river!
I also demand some tastey cookies! …And a muffin!

EDIT: Poppy seed muffin, blueberry will not be tolerated.

I wonder what the city founders of Hiroshima would have to say about that.

Hey, we tried leaflets first with Hiroshima

Umm… that must’ve been misunderstood… hehe. (Unless that’s on my part now? :S)
Him as in ‘the other guy’.
But yeah… I have my change now… so the sock-full sounds good! And Sorc, I was just thinking of that - haha.


i think that coming up with that requires knowledge of other language lingo, or else just something the smacktard came up with himself.

And I want to know where the word “smacktard” came from. :smiley:

It’s proberly Slang word meaning “gay person” or some thing completly wrong…


You simply let time run its course. Words will come and go automagically.

Its an old word though. Oo

Interesting, that. A friend of mine found it online somewhere and started using it to describe the twelve year old noobs playing halo2 online. ya know, the ones who WILL NOT SHUT UP. There really wasn’t a better word for it. If someone talks on pointlessly or is just plain stupid, they are labeled “smacktard.”

I like Nul’s explanation better.