God! I hate these people!

(13:47:58) Him: hey fuc face
(13:48:23) Me: Wow… that was abrupt.
(13:48:38) Him: well just cause ur a fuking geek
(13:48:49) Me: Okay… well, thanks.
(13:49:04) Him: that uses big language that i dont understand
(13:49:42) Him: so hav u seen ur boyfriend yet these hols
(13:49:44) Me: Haha… so you hate me because you can’t understand me?
(13:50:07) Him: na i hate u cause ur a fucking fucked up poofter
(13:50:21) Me: Okay then…

Funniest most meaningful conversation ever!
(Note: He’s some retard from school who I barely know - and no, I have a girlfriend)
Don’t you just love the dickheads ?!


That does not sound like Him :frowning:

Call him a micropenis.

Him is a jerk >:(

hit him with a sock full of quarters

Get your dad to beat up his dad. That solves everything.

I’m so sorry, Ninten. :frowning:
I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I meant all those things in the nicest possible way! I hope you can forgive me.
Love, -GM

Gotta hate those pooftas.



maybe he was drunk while holding this conversation?

What exactly is a “poofter?”

Him must be irish.

:moogle: poofter = gaywad incase you were interested.

i run into people like this all the time. people who just cruise the net to insult people. kill 'em all. all right, just break their fingers so they can’t type.


Doesn’t Him still have that THEREISNOMOON thing in his nick? :stuck_out_tongue:

I 'unno, I haven’t seen Him post lately.

Gak! it was a joke…

:moogle: …I’d revive him but I don’t really care.

I dont really care about him, cuz no one needs to treat other people bad…

I hate people like that, man, i wish they would die, lol.

How does one come up with a word like poofter? I have never heard it before.

BlueMage wins. He’s a smart man, listen to him and hit the fucker with a sock of nickels/quarters.