God damnit Sony!

They put a power button on the back of the PS3. Those mother fuckers! That was one thing that just pissed me off about the PS2 and here they are doing it again. This is even worse when MS let’s you turn off the console with the controller. Son of a bitch; Sony better have some awesome exclusives for me to get one now.

Is it backward compatible, like PS2 was?

Why are we mad about the power button again?

I don’ t really care about it, the only thing that bothered me in the PS2 is the tiny POWER light. I’ m afraid of leaving it on overnight…

Pretend I said these things too.

Yes, it is backwards compatible, and can play CDs and DVDs.
I personally never leave the power light on. I always turn it off when I’m done. Hasn’t affected performance yet, knock on wood, and I’ve had the PS2 since 2001.

Yes, it will be capable of playing both PS2 and PS1 games.


I never use the power switch on the back. I just put it in “sleep” mode, typically with my DVD remote. So long as that’s possible on PS3, I don’t give a damn.

Wait what? Controllers turning off consoles is bad? That strikes my lazy gamer ass as quite contrary to beliefs.

Oh whoops, picked up on the wrong part of the first post again.

Edit: …Um, Info, do you bitch about computers having main power switches on the power supplies? Cause this seems to me to be the same concept.

Re-Edit: I’m actually more interested in the 3 ethernet ports and why the hell you need them. Especially since I’m refusing to read any prerelease stuff, since I cant really… get the damn thing till I get home and stuff. (I dont even know when it’s rough shipping quarter is :D)

I thought that the PS3 was only going to backwards compatible with PS2 games, and not PS1 games. Although it was a while ago I heard that, and I can’t remember where from.

Most new computers don’t have power things on the back, it’s just one button on the front. Also, I just don’t like having it on the back since it is annoying having to reach back there to turn it off. Plus, it is more things to do to actually play a game. I put in sleep during the day, but turn it all the way off at night, but I sometimes forget to do that it. I know a lot of magazines and stuff complained about the “PSX” having the power on the back. Liek the manual says to not leave it on all the time and to power it down when not playing for extended periods of time, which I do, but I don’t like having to remember to push a button on the back.

Why 3 LAN/RJ45 cable ports?

Because they can.

On a serious note, it’ll probably be for networking and online. That way you can network several PS3’s together without having to unplug the online capabilities like you have to do with the XBox.

Nintendo Revolution looks much, much better. *Nod, nod.

Yeah Nul, the “Revolution.” Let’s just hope they have a third party support revolution or their coup will surely fail.

Actually, considering the X-Box’s success with such a limited array of good games, hardware alone might actually pull it off again.

If you’re going by hardware alone, the PS3 has better specs then the new X-Box. I’m pretty sure that’s what I read. Personally, I like what the PS3 looks like, but the other two systems aren’t too shabbey either. I won’t be probably won’t be buying anything at release anyway, you know, being poor and all.

I wasn’t saying the next X-Box had better specs than anything. I was saying if Nintendo wants it’s “Revolution” to succeed, they’re going to need more than good hardware.

Then I reminded myself that the X-Box has a borderline cult-following even though it has a grand total of one good game, several sub-mediocre games, and a sub-trash remainder. Why? Because it’s powerful and cheap. YOU CAN PUT PORN ON IT.

Seriously, I predict next round’s winner to be whichever console is most porn-conductive.

Actually, there are two groups of Xbox fans. The casual-gamer Xbox fans who like it for Halo, Madden, and Splinter Cell, and the hardcore-gamer Xbox fans who like it for Steel Battalion, Panzer Dragoon Orta, and Jet Set Radio Future. All of the games listed are good, if you like that sort of thing.

As for the power switch thing, 95% of all modern computers have a power switch on the back. They still have power “buttons” on the front, but they do just about the same thing as PS2’s “standby” button.

And, seriously people, only buy these systems if you like the games on them. Who cares who made the hardware?

I vote Nintendo