Go to Jail and get a PS3!

Basically, the “Worst mom in Britain”, who’s currently in jail, has been given a PS3 as a reward for model behavior. Apparently, she also has a TV and DVD player to boot.

So…if I’m reading this right, if you’re a good prisoner (in this case, an “enhanced” prisoner), you get nice goodies?

Too bad the PS3 doesn’t have any games.

Yeah, but if she got a Wii or 360, her fellow inmates would despise her even more. At least with PS3 she is save.

Despite all the discussions on efficient allocation of funds they buy PS3s. I love how they begin the article with “Evil”; it sets the tone for the rest of the piece. It also seems Mirror’s readers love reality shows (see the most popular sidebar).

In England, you give them PS3s.

In America, Victoria’s Secret uses them as slaves.

I wasn’t aware that prisoners handled my ex’s lingerie. This makes me smile a little, actually.

What the bloody bloody hell…?