Go Shantae! Go Shantae! Do the 8-bit shit 'cause your Virt-made! *end stupid rap*


Ever like to listen to the old bleeps and blips of NSF files and gameboy music? Well guess what…the style is NOT dead!

In fact, it’s still been going on AS an actual style. A very talanted remixer Jake Kaufman (a.k.a Virt) did an entire soundtrack to a very much unheard of soundtrack and remixed it using the old style sounds and stuff.

This sort is VERY creative and it’s pretty damn cool. I recommend “Bandit Town, Harbor Town, Dance Beats, Dance Room, Game Over…hell I recommend everything!”. There’s a lot to download, but the individual files are pretty small, biggest being around just 1.5 MB if I remember correctly.

So stfu, click the link, and listen to a few already!!

(no, I’m not promoting, I just thought it’d be an interesing thing to put on the MB.)