Go see spiderman 3

It’s not that bad of a movie.

Not too much of a spoiler, but I find it hilarious that my friend almost yelled it midmovie :heart:

Bout time that bitch got smacked

All in all it was an improvement from the semi-bore that 2 was.

I saw it. It was pretty good. Venom was never once called Venom though, which was stupid. Although I did think Topher Grace did a fine job. His Venom voice was almost as good as the cartoon voice, though very different. Gwen Stacey > Ursulla (cake girl) > Mary Jane. Sand man was dope as hell. And I liked how they killed off aunt may, very touching.

I Hate mary jane AND kirstin dunst, I wish I could shoot my man milk in her hair, I hate her so much.

THis entire weekend, I’m being drowned in performances (Theatre SUCKS), so I won;t be able to see it until next week, earliest. Which sucks, since this is the first movie I actually wanted to see since Superman Returns.

I thought it was god fucking awful compared the last one, which was the best of the 3. Gwen served no purpose other than to act as “the other girl” and was really just there for fan service, as was Venom. No character development- Brock wasnt given enough screen time for you to feel spite, pity or any sort of emotion for when he finally did become venom. The dialogue was HORRENDOUS, way too much melodrama, cheese, sobbing, emo posturing, dancing. God, everyone in the theater was either lauging at how bad it all was, or groaning. It wasn’t without its moments though, Jameson continued to dominate every scene he was in, and Brucie in his best cameo yet. The first real spiderman appearence didnt occur until about 45 minutes into the movie, and that fight had me shaking my head. Finally, I dunno if it happens in the comic or not but I couldnt take spidey and Goblin teaming up seriously. If anything, it just added to the cheese.

On the plus side, yeah, there was a lot going on, but unlike X3, everything was perfectly tied up.

If it was the first movie, I’d say “Eh, it was ok. Not as bad as Daredevil.” But the first one was outstanding, the second one topped it in every way, so thats why it hurts so much to admit how bad it was.


In all honesty, J.K. Simmons makes the movie worth seeing. Out of every cast choice, Simmons has been the best Jameson ever.

I read the spoiler of it because I won’t be able to see it until next week, and I have to say, it turns out pretty predictable. From what I understand, Venom’s part is minimal, which pisses me off because he’s my favorite Spidey villain. The worst part though, is even by the THIRD movie, the makers haven’t brought in Spidey’s humor. Half of Spidey’s fights are him making wiseass comments about his opponents’ hair, mothers, and anything else he can think of.

I think you’ll be mildly pleased, as there is actually spiderman being pretty funny. not as good as the comic or cartoon.

<img src=“http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comics/20070505.jpg”>

Needs more jokes. Wasn’t the point of his humor to hide his lack of confidence against opponents?

Sandman could’ve used more screentime, though.

I have to agree with the spoilered comments. Spidey 2 is still my favorite out of the three. This one felt too rushed, like they were trying to cram too much in, and Venom being brought in only for the last half hour didn’t do him justice. He really deserved his own movie as chief villain, and it would’ve been better if they spent more time in this movie building up the animosity between Spiderman and Eddie Brock, because frankly, it seemed like one hell of a jump for Brock to ask God, in a church, to kill Peter Parker when all that was done to him at that point really wasn’t that much, and only served to portry Brock as a big dickhead than anything else. His Gollum-y death was also pretty sad, so much for Carnage or Venom’s return…

One thing I DID like about the movie, though, was how they did Sandman. At first I was surprised that he was the first revealed villain. I initially thought that tying him to the Uncle Ben murder was lame and tacked on, and in the trailers he seemed to be nothing more than a brutish thug. But what they did was pleasantly surprising, when he genuinely lamented killing Ben Parker. The scene at the end where Peter forgave him was probably the most emotional scene in the movie. But then, unfortunately, they ruined that with a cheesy Harry death right after it. Oh well.

Conners still has a sample of the Symbiote. Carnage/Lizard branch for next movie?

[SPOILER]Harry’s plotline was just too much. He should have died when that bomb exploded right next to his head. If he could survive that then there’s no way a skateboard to the chest would have killed him.

I don’t know why they needed to have Peter in the symbiote suit to be able to have the spine to reveal Brock’s plagiarism. Anyone would have done that.[/SPOILER]

I saw it. Alarming number of bad things happened in a short expanse of time, which was rather contrived. Mary Jane is too needy. Spiderman should’ve gone for Stacey. I mean, the only thing against her in the comic is that she’s dead, and, honestly, I still think comic Spidey should hit that. With her still alive? Whachoo with MJ for, Pete?

Saw it last night, and I honestly liked the second movie the best (the first just didn’t do it for me at all). Bruce Campbell was just awesome, ha.

Although, Peter Parker with emo bangs cracked me up…

I saw it and I’d have to say it was okay. Sandman and Venom could’ve used more screentime. Also, until spidey put his bangs down, I never realized that he looks like me. >.<

My girlfriend says I look like Harry Osbourne, but I think she’s just making that mistake because I fly around on a glider trying to kill Spiderman all the time.

Simmer!man vs the Green Arac.

I found it to be so-so…
The action was nice, but the dancing (and just about everything with spidey in the symbiote suit) made me wish I was watching it at my computer instead of at the cinema.
Worse quality, but at least I can skip parts like that and not waste my time waiting for something that’s actually worth watching. :S

Also, the villains needed so much more screen time. Especially Venom.
Ah well, here’s to hoping for some Carnage in the next movie. (If the makers can get their act together again and make a decent movie next time…)

I thought they tried to cram too much stuff into the movie. Also, Peteremo was hilariously bad.

Honestly, I think this movie should’ve been Peter in the black suit fighting three bit villains. Venom just doesn’t go well as a bit part. Maybe have made it Sandman, Mysterio, and the Shocker. Or something like that. You keep the symbiote anger subplot for this one while he fights a few bit villains (working together, natch (maybe hired by Harry?)), and one of the final scenes is ripping off the symbiote to set up Venom for 4.

Oh well. Pretty meh on it.

Raimi said he was on board for up to spiderman 6 so long as dunst and maguire stayed on as well.

Hopefully they’ll pull venom out for 4 and make the whole movie just about brock and peter fighting it out.

Maybe carnage will be introduced? That’d be amazing.

If Carnage was introduced and it wasn’t proceeded with a bloodbath, I would be very dissapointed.