Go Nagai's Super Robots

Since I know that infinite Gundam threads will be done, I thought the first should pay tribute to the originals. Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Goldorak, and so on and so forth.

I saw a bit of Shin Getter vs. Neo Getter, and seriously, that series sounds whacked beyond relief. Come on, just Texas Mac’s enough to send me laughing!

Gundam is just as old as those other ones are! Gundam is like, 30 years old for crying out loud!

Yeah, but Gundam gets 1000 topics while the world’s favorite perverted super robot designer Go Nagai never gets talked about.

Besides, Gundams are fucking everywhere, go to another topic if you want to talk about it, here, it’s Mazinger and the Getters.

Ahhh… Go Nagai and his wonderful little perversions from Cutey honey to… censored have always made my views a smile-filled one…

That, and Aphrodite-A’s “Breasto Missiles!” that inspired the infamous Roll Boob Missiles from MvC.

Besides, Shin Getter’s mucho kickass. If only because it wields a really big axe.

Also, Ryoma is goddamn cool.