Go Honey.

Not enough fanservice potential, but could be amusing

Yes, live action movie.

I liked the first 4 episodes of the Cutey Honey OVA, they were actually fairly smart and funny, the other 4 on the other hand were just fanserv, and as far as that goes, I’ve seen better.

I’ve never seen Cutey Honey, but the costume at the end of the site intro was beyond entertaining.

Man, the trailer actually looks pretty good.

It looks freaky. Like most live action movies based on animes do. Not that freaky is entierly negative.

Live-action anime is the devil.

I’ve taken a look at it on AnimeNfo. It looks utterly ridiculous and fanservicy, and… er… I’m gonna go watch it. ;;>.>

Like I said, the first 4 episode are a lot of fun, but I was very disappointed by the remianing 4, they’re just not as good.

She is a cutey.