Gmail Invites

I have 6. If you want one, PM me with your email address and I’ll hook you up.

As I’ve said before, I still have some.

This is like the third thread I’ve seen about this. Can someone tell me what the futz are Gmail invites?

Gmail stands for Google Mail. It’s “revolutionary” in that instead of deleting messages you store them for future reference. They give you a gigabyte of space to store your messages, it’s free and easy.

I mean, other than that, it’s just email. But it’s in the beta stages, so you can’t openly sign up for it, you have to be invited by an existing member.

Thanks for telling me. But no thanks, I’ve never gone past 25% with my 2MB Hotmail account.

I’ve got 6 too.

I want one. :ulty:

I have 4. Looks like RPGC is quite covered for gmail.

I have an acount, but I rarely ever use it. Except for signing up to sites that don’t accept addresses.

I have about 10meg or ~5% in 3 accounts… (Yahoo, Hotmail and And I only changed recently cos they all increaced Capacity.

Big Nutter
Why would I need more than I will use.


Well…most of those arn’t exactly secure domains…In fact, you use hotmail, so i’m sure your email gets read on a regular basis :hahaha; >>;;

Fen to the ril, pm your first and last name (it doesn’t have to be real), and current email to me if someone has not hooked you up yet.

I wouldn’t mind one… I got 250MB on my Hotmail account… and I uh… haven’t gone past like, 2%, ever.