Gives new meaning to "Band Geek"

Cal’s halftime show versus Washington State.

I saw Mississippi State’s band do pretty much the same show last year, minus a part of it. Still. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDS.

Really cool man…you have to admit, that takes some serious skill.

I would be more impressed if they high stepped it around like an HBCU.

California rox

I don’t have to admit to a damn thing! I have a fifth amendment, you terrorist sack of shit.

Yet no love for either Space Invaders or Pac-Man yet. For shame :frowning:

I’m in ur band, performing ur themez/gamez?

I believe the correct spelling would be “gaim themez.”

That is pretty impressive, especially how they perform it physically. It’s always amazing to see such a large group of musicians playing together in a consistant(almost tight) manner.

I was in the marching band!

Great find, 984.

We had a pretty good halftime show ourselves last game (too bad that was the best part of that game). Can’t find any videos of it on youtube though. Our band played songs from the South Park movie, and they had a few people on the field dressed up as characters from it.

I only wished they had played “Uncle Fucka”.

Ah yes, I fail at the internet.

Continue? 09
START All right! silly music

Okay, that’s the awesomest halftime show I’ve ever seen. (also the only one, but …)

Congratulations! You did a great job, if that’s the case. :wave:

Ramza goes to Nebraska, not Cal.