holy crap ghost in the shell is gonna be om AS, at least now ill get to see it and see what its like…or wait…is it the series or the movie cuz ive seen the movie?..hmmm now i wonder.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Its the series.

yeah, they’d never be able to air the movie. The sheer amount of butchery they’d have to do is too much even for them.

agreed, ive seen the movie and its pretty good. and im about to watch the series cuz i found out i have it already…but i didnt know that so i was watchin gundam wing…so yeah w00t for being able to watch it now, cuz i cant ever watch the new anime adult swim plays cuz they only air it once a week and i forget its there…

I had no idea there was a series of that.

yeah what ive watched so far is pretty good. i expected episodes to have alil more tot do with eachother but other than that its amazing