You’ve read his epic. Hell, you’ve probably fought against him or summoned him in one of those Fantasy games that’s all Final and the like.

Now, you can watch his anime!(?)

I’m…pretty excited about this, and I hope it turns out well. Though I don’t know any other information on it, anyone care to share any that they know of? Or, share your opinion, if you wish.

Submit your input!

Hm…seems to perk my interest, but only because I haven’t seen it. Once I’ve seen it a little, I can submit an input.

Wow that would be good, IF I SPOKE JAPANESE.

Ooooh I like.

I get to be on TV?

They better make me look good or I might just sue!

Soon people will be asking for your autograph, Gilgamesh! Who knows?


Autographs eh? I like that, now how much should I charge?

Hm…dunno. How much do ya think?

I’ll wait till I know a little more about it with celebrating though.

Originally posted by Gilgamesh
Autographs eh? I like that, now how much should I charge?

How much do you think they have? :stuck_out_tongue:

Those of you familiar with the bittorrent system, the fansubbing group LivE-EviL have just finished fansubbing the first episode of Gilgamesh. Go and download it here!

Downloading it :smiley:

Ok, I finished watching Episode 1.

I can’t judge it right now, I gotta watch more of it.

Interessting though.