Gil Problems?

Ok whilst I was Checking out the New Mailbag. I noticed Some thing odd: An Advertisment for La Pucelle Tatics.

I’d say the Merlamage has done his work.

What are you talking about?

Several Months ago Charlemange and Merin Swaped Forum Id’s and Merl/charle post that we would Have to pay soon. The 984 said that we would need some extra money soon and geting advetisement was one of them. It appears that the first avertisement on the main page is now here.

Big Nutter
At least it’s not this:

I was wondering if that adveretisement was merely a figment of my imagination. it’s not too bad though, so as long as it’s only that and not ten pop-ups i’m okay with the adveretisements.

It’s just a little flashy thing down there, what’s the problem?

We sold out, now <a href=“”>buy our t-shirts</a>.

Eh, it’s an ad. Big whoop.

No matter how many times I read them the sheer IQ-dropping value of your attempts at humour never fail to amaze.

Anyway, yes. It’s Hiryuu who did it though, he deserves the thanks.

You forgot the Charlemagne thongs, TD.

We get 10 cents per unique click. And we’re discussing possibly selling ad space to relevent web-sites and/or products. You will never see a pop-up being spawned from, we hate them as much as you do. So if you do see pop-ups, run a spyware removal program, it’s your problem, not ours.

And for christ sakes BigNutter, learn your own fucking language. Not only are your jokes completly notfunny, on the completly off chance that you say something mildly not idiotic, no one’s going to understand what the hell your saying. And that sprite thing is getting annoying as hell, if you need to talk to yourself, do it elsewhere.

Like the local looney bin?

He would stop posting like that if the voices where not there in his head. I should know I am one of them. Count it like a Kiro/freind Post.

Windows 2000 + Cid Highwind
I say this: That boy is a total wakko!

No, seriously, it’s annoying the living hell out of everyone. Cut it out.

Its the Kramer virus =P

Don’t insult the guy. Yar’s are at least mildly amusing and they aren’t on every fricking post. Plus, you can actually UNDERSTAND what the heck he’s saying.

BigNutter, despite your best intentions, you are angering a lot of people with your sprite humour and confusing posts. Your posts do not bother me, but to be honest, I find them difficult to deduce and fully understand most of the time. I’m asking you nicely to try harder to stay on topic and to keep your posts to a shorter length. I’m sure most of the people here would greatly appreciate it.