<a href=“http://www.hcn.zaq.ne.jp/cabic508/rsf/frame1.html”>It’s as if it were made just for RPGC</a>


Sorry man, already been posted. :confused:

Seen it. It isn’t so much the whole concept thats awesome as it is the small details that made me smile. IE the SNES being the PSX’s father, and supposedly the 32x killing the saturn (which I missed kinda, or at least fail to remember, but was told more explicitly, and if true is absolutely awesome)

seen it I got bored after the third battle. :confused:

You know, just because you’ve already seen it doesn’t mean that you have to state so.

Everyone else does…

I saw it, I love it.

That’s awesome.

That would have been better if it hadn’t been so boring.

Oh man, that was fucking awesome! 5 stars!

5 stars the first time I saw it. 2 stars this time.

I hadn’t seen it before. It’s neat.

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lol i thought i was long and funny, Its like an economy joke. I AM THE MIGHTY PSP< BOW TO MY AWESOME POWER!!!.lol

Awesome! Saved to disk.