Ghost Computer?

So I got a new computer, and whenever I turn it off (through the start button etc), it randomly turns back on. Sometimes it turns back on right away, other times it waits a minute, but most of the time it turns back on. Does anyone know why it is doing that?

Call up some computer fixing place. The on/off function stuff is probably screwed up. Nod


1 h4x0r3d ur c0mpu7r!!!111!!1!!!11!!

So, Gila? Next time you’ll have problems with your comp, where will you not ask for help? :smiley:

(here… that’s the answer… haha, what a good joke :P)

Seriously though, you could always remove the case to find the power switch. The button on the front of the case is just a piece of plastic, under which is a small PCB, with 2 buttons. One should be pwrrst (restart) and pwrpwr (on/off). Make sure that one of these buttons is not stuck down (they’re small, and try not to rip the little cord that connects them to the mainboard). Also, check to see if maybe the power button on the front is getting stuck and hitting them.

Otherwise, you’re fucked. This is such a weird problem, i don’t even know what else to say ;P. Maybe you have some issue with your kernel or just the windows GUI that has switched Shut Down with Restart? But the fact it takes minutes sometimes rules out anything software.

This is so weird :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had a problem much like yours a while ago. I was in the mood for some computing so I went into the den and pushed the on button on my computer and waited for it to “boot up” as the technologically oriented say. I waited for 4 minutes and the power button flipped right back up! Well, this made me mad as I really wanted to do some computing. I tried pushing the power button again, but the same thing happened 4 minutes later. I tried one more time, and this is when I noticed the sides of my computer had grown increasingly hotter and hotter. This time when the power button popped back up, the CPU was black, and on fire. This angered me as I computers do cost a lot of money you see. So I called my roommate over to inspect the accursed devil machine as he has a knack for technology. He pointed out that I was in fact using the toaster, and the blackened CPU was actually a slice of rye bread leftover from lunch. Boy was my face red. To make up for it, I decided to send a telegraph as Morris code usually cheers me up. Later I found out that the device I was using was not a telegraph, but actually a stapler, but alas, I had already wasted hundreds of staples.

So the key to most computer related problems is to first check and see if the thing you are using is actually a computer. Here are some hints that I use to check and see.

  1. It makes a humming noise
  2. Looks like a TV wired to a typewriter
  3. Is plugged in to a wall
  4. Doesn’t turn bread into toast
  5. Is not a telegraph
  6. Doesn’t electrocute you when you stick a fork into it
  7. Breaks when you shove pop-tarts into its many pop-tart sized slots
  8. Has speakers, yet there is no phonograph attached.

If you need anymore help, please send me a message via horseless mail (or h-mail) to, as the saying goes “Two heads are better then one”.

That is so beautiful when said out loud.

I had this problem once too Gila, unfortunately I never found out what the problem was so I resorted to just switiching it off from the wall socket.

I had that problem twice.
The first time, the circuit to the power button was shorted
The second time the button kept getting stuck


Good one BM1. While one would think that the problem is with the power button, shouldn’t that also turn off his computer?

Not neccessarily. To shut off a PC with the hardware button, you have to hold it. To turn it on, it just has to be pressed for a short period of time.

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It’s possessed by the spirit of Jimi Hendrix. It’s not apparent who it is now, but just wait… just you wait.

Who but the Voodoo Child’s spirit would Voodoo Ben Franklin hex the machine with. That is proof enough for me.

I had a turn off problem, I had inhertied this several PCs for myself, I took them to replace my 286. After striping a few PC I had Kick Ass 486 with Two Speed Switch running Win 95 with a 5in floppy. After replacing the cover I’d discoverd that in removeal of front cover to Add CD-ROM Drive, I’d crack the Case where the power switch is. SuperGlue did the trick.

5in Floppy: really floppy! (I got the Icon too)

Nutter, what the fuck did you just reccomend? I don’t think broken english tips are helpful in any manner.

Nobody knows.

I had a similar problem on mine, but it doesn’t do it anymore. But mine was a GUI-related problem. Which is easier to fix than if it’s a hardware problem.

There’s a squirrel sleeping next to your jumper, and every time you turn your comp off it wakes up and bumps its head on it. But it smokes up pretty often, so the head bumping process sometimes takes a minute.

Lol, you guys think way too fucking hard :stuck_out_tongue: There’s this thing called a plug, use it :stuck_out_tongue: