No suggestions, and no feedback. Why do I even bother asking?:noway:

Feedback? goes to look Oh, damn, I knew I forgot to check something, thanks for reminiding me :slight_smile:
Well, I think the text is a little small, and it almost blends with the background in a few places. Maybe make the bubble’s a little brighter but keep the transparency?

Here’s some feedback: nice avatar. Where’d you get it?

I had NO idea you wanted Feedback man, sorry!

It’s different, not better, not worse, just different.

I agree with Sapphire. Not better or worse, just different. Do whatever YOU think works best.

Oh, and BTW, if you REALLY wanted feedback, you should have made a thread long ago. That way, you’ll catch the attention of all the losers (myself included) that hang out at these boards. :hahaha;

Sowwy, I was gonna post a feedback thread, but thought it’d kinda akward n’ stuff. >_>;;;

Anyhoo, I like the new text thingamajigs…they look professional (and cool). :slight_smile:

You got it all wrong! It’s /GADES/ that make Destruction Cookies! Amon make Chaos Toast, Erim Death Brownies and Daos Terror Milkshakes!

Oops, sorry for the mix-up Lun. But I got no suggestions for a comic, so I had to go by memory. There’s still the comics for next week, so gimme suggestions! I know people here have Videoland characters!

And as for the avatar, well, I could tell you, but it’d be a spoiler from the series it’s from.

So in other words, “Sore wa himitsu desu”?


The font’s nice though, although I fail to see the notable difference. Too bad half the Sinistrals are now gone from VL and 1/4th’s pretty idle, poor lonely Gades…

That make Lonely Gades able to go out and basicaly pwnz everything he can see! And is currently in the Soul Edge Shard tournament! And won DA FIRST ROUND, BABY.

As I am currently not in VL, that means nothing to me. Maybe I oughta go back as … mm … somebody. Jigglypuff, maybe …

[suggestion]Guest comic, I say![/suggestion] :slight_smile: There hasn’t been one of those for a while.

Guest comic. Not a bad idea. But by who?

Who indeed…? OOOH! how bout me?

I’ve been waiting for a chance like this since I came to the online life 3 years ago.


I’d do it. It’s just that I’m about as likely to get off my ass and do it as … Well, as far as I’m concerned you might as well lower haystacks off the boatdeck of the <i>Louisitania</i>.

The hell??

A reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide radio show. They all thought it was funny at the time, but now nobody has any idea what it means.

Then WHY did you say it??

Why not?