GG! Someone's going to get FIRED!


I like the fact that it’s called the HMS Astute.


It’s tough to “lurk unseen and unheard at depth” when the depth is five feet.” - posted in the comments.

It’s true, I mean why would any submarine (let alone a nuclear one) be moving in such shallow waters… that close to the coast! Sin’s right… I think someone is going to get fired. lol!

"The BBC reports that the new nuclear submarine has been described as Britain’s “stealthiest” because of “39,000 acoustic panels which cover its surface mask its sonar signature, meaning it can sneak up on enemy warships and submarines alike, or lurk unseen and unheard at depth.

Right now, though, the Astute would have a hard time sneaking up on an otter…"

lol! :hahaha;

Right! Because it’s stuck in the mud!

This would never happen to an American sub.

Looks like it’s not so stealthy after all…haha

On top of that, who in the hell pilots a submarine that close to shore, and in shallow waters?

Silly submarine.

What are you doing?

That’s not an ocean.

A five year old couldn’t drown in that.

Stop it! You’re supposed to be hidden!

This is a bad example of viral marketing*

    • see NiN unreleased tracks “accidentally” left at clubs Renzor frequents and the whole iPhone “OMG SOMEONE LEFT AN IPHONE PROTOTYPE BEHIND WHAT AN ASS” speil