getting out of northern crater

hey does anyone know how to get out of the northern crater once u slide down in ff7?
help is much appreciated

How far are you?If you can describe your area I can tell you wheather you are screwed or not.

i was just wondering because im trying to beat emerald and ruby weapon before i venture down there, but in order to do the trick with the elixirs and the magic pots u have to go down there and i did and i couldnt get back out

He’s never screwed. You can get out no matter where you are, as long as you haven’t initiated the final sequence of battles.

Just go back up, and find the door that leads out in the circular pit. You can climb back up the wall and get to the highwind. It’s pretty straight forward.

More specifically, if you’re not at the last “chatty” sequence (where Cloud famously says “let’s mosey”) you can still get out. Any further, and the answer is a fairly hefty ‘nyet’.

If he did the final sequence, he wouldnt be able to save either.

Ohh if you want to do the trick with the magic pots, you can do that. That is within your go-back-upstairs range. MAKE SURE TO GET THE PANDORA’S BOX SKILL!!!