Getting a Ps2

I plan on FINALLY getting a Ps2.

I saw an ad that is giving you the system and the dvd package togeter… all for $179.99.

Also, at the same place ( Circuit City) they have this including the network adapter for only $20 more!

System+Dvd package+Network adapter= $199.99

The question is…

Is this worth it???

Can i get some advice here?

I also would like some sugestions on games to get with it ( i got paid for my summer work and so have a few bucks _/


I bought my PS2 back in December, and it’s been so much fun to have. If you’re willing to spend the money, then go for it. I use mine to play a lot of PSX games that I didn’t play since I didn’t have a Playstation before. I only use mine for games, since I already have a DVD player.

Maybe I’m reading what you wrote incorrectly, but this is how I understood the prices in the stores - you can get the regular PS2 for around $180, or you can buy it bundled with the network adapter for around $200. My thinking was that it played DVDs regardless, so it’s not like that’s a special feature or anything, but that you needed the remote if you wanted to play DVDs (does this ‘DVD package’ include that?). The network adapter sells for around $30 by itself, so if you were into the playing online thing it would be cheaper to buy the network package.

Either way, have fun.

A new Playstation 2 is 180, the network adapter is 40, and a DVD package is 10-20 depending. So basically, if you wanted all three without the package it’d be up to 260, hell, if you don’t even want the DVD package that’s still a good deal, you save 20 on the Network adapter and get a free DVD controller. And as a note, you don’t need the DVD package to play DVDs, the game controller works fine.

Originally posted by Epicgamer
the game controller works fine.
If you have a 30 foot cord on your controller maybe.

Circuit City has a crappy open-box charge, just FYI. If you buy a completely new system and it doesn’t work, you won’t get all your money back. There’s still the manufacturer’s warranty on the system, but why go through the hassle? I’d recommend buying the system from a toy store or something.

True - you should be paying the same price wherever you go. I got mine from Best Buy, and that was because I have a store card and a nice payment plan.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, but hey I have not looked around. Which is what you may want to do, you may find an even better deal.

I’m not much for online gaming so I can’t help with the prices too much but $200 sounds about right. I got mine last spring at my local Babbage’s for about that.

As far as games go I suggest FFX and GTA:VC (That’s Final Fantasy X and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). I’m especially waiting for Disgaea to come out in November.