Get your mind off the gutter will ya?

They sold this stuff to children? :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s worse is that CT one inspired a lemon involving those two.

My favourites:

Several, actually. Do not ask me how I know this. shudder

Oh gods. Yeah, sure, like a bunch of this stuff could’ve happened if the player hadn’t deliberately done some of that stuff.


I knew the Bowser from SSBM one was going to be on there.

Ewwww! :bowser:

Bah, they left out Cho Aniki (besides the dancing Samson sprite at the top). Until you guys see screens of those, you have not seen anything shocking in video games =P

They left out Cho Aneki beacause the page is ACCIDENTAL videgogame porn.

If Cho Aneki was accidental, then it’s time to nuke Japan off the map.

Oh jolly.
It has a few laughs in it, but not many.

Its awesome because I found it before it was SA’s Awful Link of the Day.

omfg sigh this is beyond gay…ley me get the straight…video game porn? how low can you degrade yourself?

( i ment the people who made it)

How is it so gay and degrading? I think it’s hilarious.

It got old after laughing at accidental pr0n from SSB and SSBM many years ago.


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