Get your Hard Rock Game Music fill...


Download ALL of the mp3s. This I command !

Never have I heard such kickass metal renditions of VGM.

The Black Mages is nothing compared to this O_O

/me trashes like a metal-head

Very nice

Oh, and could someone list off the names of the songs for those of us whose language packs refuse to install.

<img src=“”> haw, Sin linked me to this last night. Good, good. Especially the soft music :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty nice, but some of the sounds are too synthetic for me. I doubt my crappy temporary speakers give them justice though.

I’ll see if I change my mind when I have heard them all.

Wow, they did some music from Esper Dream. That is like the coolest thing ever. Almost inspires me to start playing it again.

They have a 7+ minute Castlevania medley, a ff last boss medley, FF4 2nd Boss Battle , an electric guitar Zeromus remix, an FF6 boss remix, a Fighting of the Spirits remix, Big Blue, Wily’s Stage from Megaman 2, a few Ys songs like I think the last castle from Ys 3 and a very very kick ass Lufia 2 Sinistral and boss song medley. And other stuff. The songs I like aren’t as synthetic as a lot of other remixes, though the way the electric guitars are played probably isn’t that realistic (though it sounds fucking cool). I recommend people use Babelfish to kinda help themselves navigate the site and to look at the bottom fo their screens for the names of the songs they’re downloading when they put their mouse of the mp3 download button on the left of each song name. Usually it helps since the filenames help give off what song it is.

Saturn’s reaction to the Zeromus remix: “btw, this song r0x0rs both my s0x0rs and my b0x0rs, for the record”

It’s a good thing that Macc linked me to that site long ago…seems it’s gone a long way from there.


btw, I was a bit disapointed with the Black Mages. Even if there was only two people working on it and one dude DID do the Brave Fencer Musashi soundtrack, it was a bit too synthy, and the only thing I liked about their Dancing Mad was the end.

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The Black Mages is nothing compared to this O_O