Get yo kids to be young pimps and hos?

One big dubya tee eff to anyone who actually purchases these


That ho costume looks like a flapper outfit from the 60s.

If I had a kid I’d so get him the long pink suit. ONLY THE BEST FOR PIMPS IN TRAINING G MONEY YO.

Edit, possibly Ninja Edit: Yeah I agree with epic, the ho costume is definately a flapper costume.

That fuckin’ rocks!

Awesomeest. Fancy dress. Ever.

All I want is a license to hunt idiots. That’s all I ask.

You arent allowed to hunt your own kind except for food. ZING

This is one of those products where one would ask “Who in the right mind would expect people to buy this?”

flappers were from the 20s

And everybody wonder’s why children are loosing there innocence at such an early age.I also want a license to kill stupid people who might actually buy this for there kids.

Well, I have no taste for human flesh, so you can rest safely knowing your not on the menu.

It’s you’re, and you seem to have missed to point of the zing. You fail.

Meh, screw the grammar mistake, and I knew exactly what the zing was. You fail.

You’re completly right, my brain must have fluxed or something.

Probably the same kinda people who put a ton of makeup on 5-year-olds, put them in Child Beauty pageants, and use them as their main source of income. In which case the ho costume would be appropriate.

They’re everywhere!

pets teh kitty

When you pet the kitty, everyone wins.

dude that is my school pimps & prostitutes thats why we were on the news i don’t do that stuff