Get out there-

and watch those motherfucking snakes on that motherfucking plane! If you do NOT see Snakes on a Plane you are SERIOUSLY missing out. It was ten million times better than I could ever think it was; it was one of the most (intentionally) hilarious movies that I have ever seen. Just remember “horror”/“survival” movie rule #1: do not have sex. Hinthint.

Just watch the motherfucking movie.

It really wasnt THAT good. I dont get why the audience is getting so frothy over it. It was a fun romp, but fuck, I dont get what it is about that line that makes nerds cheer over it. I enjoyed, but I fail to see the hype.

September 28 EU release.

They’re making it really hard for me to do the right thing and not pirate it.

Man, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I bet it would be hilarious in Dutch.

i saw it a day before it came out at a sneak peek. It was so awesome. Everyone was so into it, and when Samuel Jackson said you know what, we all threw these plastic snakes at the screen that were given to us before the movie. It was the bomb shizzle slim slam.

You guys realize this is a spam topic, right?

No it’s not. Shut up.

It’s spam? Uh… no. 1. I’m not advertising something that I would gain money out of. 2. I’m not repeating a prior topic, as there was no Snakes on a Plane thread prior to this one (I shall not count the personalized message thing, as that was outside of the movie). 3. Since when is reccommending a film to others in a forum spam?

Also, you should listen to 984. He has blasters.

Not my cup of tea. I don’t like comedies, let alone movies that are supposed to be intentionally ridiculous.

Ridiculous movies are funny because they take themselves seriously. Snakes on a plane doesn’t…

Posting a thosand links in a row dosnt show that you would make any money off of it. Like a spambot. Are spambots allowed? No. Plus there have already been snakes on a plane threads.


…you are advertising something.

It would just be nice if you update the rules. Im not trying to be nazi about this, but PUULEEEASE.Do we need a third thread?

This is starting to become like those ff fav threads

Simmer, no, you’re wrong. The first thread is advertising the existence of the movie back in MARCH. The second one is mentioning a Samuel L. Jackson message. This thread is mentioning the movie is out and suggesting that we go see it for various reasons. It will most likely be the SoaP discussion thread too if you don’t fuck it up.

Also, stop being a vigilante (albeit a very bad one). It’s up to mods to enforce the rules; if you thought this thread was spam (which it is not), you should’ve PMed a mod to handle it.

Also, there have been like a million FF Fav threads. This is the THIRD SoaP thread. You’re wrong, and you need to drop the issue.

The first thread that you mentioned was posted in MARCH and is an old thread. The second thread, as I stated earlier, was not talking about Snakes on a Plane itself as much as it was talking about the “personalized” Samuel L. Jackson movie promoting Snakes on a Plane. When movies come out, there can be tangental topics about the samesaid movie (and there ARE- just look) as well as new topics to replace months old topics.

Also, yes, I am advertising Snakes on a Plane, but I am not AFIILIATED with Snakes on a Plane. I am not affiliated with Samuel Jackson. Oh, I might as well give up my charade. I have been posting in these forums for approximately four years because I was leading up to advertising Snakes on a Plane, a project which might not have even been an idea in someone’s head the same time that I created an account here. To insinuate that a forum member speaking about a movie that is currently out as spam is not only incorrect, it is completely ridiculous.

Now will you stop being obstinate and just admit that you’re wrong?

Rountree registered over three years ago and made four thousands posts all with the clear intent to poorly advertise a shitty gimmick movie* in the future.

*seeing it tomorrow afternoon, so maybe it actually is good. I thought it would suck, considering the entire movie seems to have been created to cash in on the SOAP catchphrase, but everyone who sees it comes back and raves about how surprisingly good it is. It had better be worth my nine bucks, that’s all i have to say.

With recent news, they should’ve redid the whole movie…

For you, TD: Er zijn slangen makend tot liefde aan uw moeder op dat vliegtuig dat tot liefde maakt aan uw moeder!!

What’s everybody’s favorite part in the movie? Mine is when the guy played by Keenan flies the plane based on nothing but video game knowlege. :slight_smile:

Shut the fuck up, man, we’ve all realized you’re Samuel L. Jackson by now, okay, quite trying to be sarcastic and bullshit around the point by confessing to fake charades. You were too badass to be just some guy on an RPG board, we figured the truth out long ago, at least I did.

EDIT: Favourite parts: The snake getting punched to death by a fellow Muay Thai fighter, our art’s second proudest moment in film, after Ong Back; of course, the classic line that started it all; or the FUCKING SNAKE GET OFF MY DICK line. That and the sheer number of plotholes in hte movie. I mean, this shoots anything else I have seen or read all to hell in that respect. It was as if there was no plot point without at least one stupid hole in it, which I think is awesome.

It’s like if they gave a college film crew lots of money and samuel l jackson and made a movie.

If the film crew was actually good at making people laugh their fucking balls off.

I just got back from seeing this movie. I loved it.

I made some friends come along too. As revenge. See, in college, you tend to see some… pretty damn bad movies. One person, Doug, had me see Freddie vs. Jason. Another, Chris, had me see Torque. Well, when I heard of this movie in March, I told them both that as payback I was going to make them see a movie, and all I would do was tell them the title (Snakes on a Plane, natch). Doug actually grew fond of it and loved it. Chris dreaded the movie, but he came to love it tonight. Once the credits started rolling, but before that kickass music video, I yelled (well, movie voice yelled) at him “That’s for Torque!” Ah good times. I can’t wait to get this DVD for the inevitable Christmas release.