Get inside your mind!

<A href=“” target="_blank">This should prove interesting.</A>

Oh, I almost forgot, make sure to post your answers here; there’s no real point otherwise. =P

Ok, but nothing really that funny until the answers at the very end.

I have a huge sexual desire

My sexual desire is apparently not that strong.

I answered with “slightly damp”.

I have a large sexual desire. Damn.

The test was fairly accurate surprisingly until it got to the meaning of the cup thing… then it went downhill.

I did pretty much the way I thought I would.

I did okay. Not too bad I must say. It answers the same questions just like all the other test.

…Apparently, I’m not a people person, but I still care so much that I got all wet in a small pond…

<img src=“”> Considering I crossed a frickin’ ocean… yeah.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> Considering I crossed a frickin’ ocean… yeah.
You also cross frikin’ dress!

Wasn’t accurate at all for me, apart from the large sexual desire.

it said that I have a Rather Large sexual desire… c’mon, for all of you who’ve known me all this time you know that is not true. :slight_smile:

Anyways, did any of you notice the background music? I believe that it was the ending theme to Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Huge sex desire. Yep, that’s me.

No, it was from the option screen.
And there results are interesting, but a bit embarassing…:slight_smile:

Manus… the Options Screen and the Ending Theme are the same thing.

I’m a people person? Yeah right!

Same thing here. What have they been drinking? And I’m not even going to mention the other parts…

They’re not that embarrassing, it’s self discovery I guess, I knew all of that stuff about myself anyways. Most of it seemed true and then the cup thing…it didn’t match up. Similar tests like this have been passed around the net before.

Ok, could you guys not argue about music in some flash test thing? It’s not that big a deal. Anywho, me sex drive is HUGE :stuck_out_tongue: