This is just something that I’ve been thinking about. Have you noted that anime seems to have a close tie with Germany? As in, when a character comes from out of Japan, it’s almost always from Germany, like Ban in GetBackers and Asuka in Evangelion. Another example is for example Weiss Kreuz, where the codenames of the series and groups of assassins is in German. I’m just wondering why this is, any theories?

Japan and Germany has had close ties for a long time. I don’t know exactly when it started but Japan has Admired Germany for a long time. Emperor Meji (I’m pretty sure. Don’t let The Last Samurai fool you about how Americanize it was) wanted to rule Japan somewhat like Otto Von Bismark. In World War II they were Allies and in World War I, even though Japan didn’t want to go to war against Germany, when they did German prisoners were treated very well. From what I heard the Germans were marched down the streets of Japan and citizens waved German flags and treated them as heroes. That’s all that comes to mind now, I may add more later.

There’s something something Cross (about nurses or something, Eden knows about this one :P) which is even <i>named</i> German. Also, .hack has the creator of the game a German, so there are lots of German words in the game.

There are also plenty of Americans and French, I don’t see how it really means anything.

Hellsing and Read or Die have are both set in fictionary English institution with mostly English characters. See above.

It’s really quite a coincidence.

I’d say the most common westerners in anime are americans!! Or american esque.

You’re all missing the most obvious German Anime reference:

SAILOR SUITS! These were once used by students in Germany.


There’s also Nazis in the later issues that haven’t been translated by Darkhorse yet. (Hurry up, darnit! :hyperven: )

But yeah, interesting point, Weiila. O.o

My opinion: japanese have a not-so-realistic picture of the “outer world”. When they think of Europe they see a lot of foreign culture. I don’t think that a japanese never been to Europe can differ between a German and a Frenchman, for example… So they just pick randomly a country of that foreign culture-mix…