Georgia's Superintendet Is Smarter than a Fifth Grader

You heard me.

That’s right. First person to prove that she’s smarter than a fifth grader? Kathy Cox, superintendent of the schools in Georgia. She’s just lucky there wasn’t a question about evolution.


This is surprising; I’ve met this woman and she is not that bright.

D’oh! I’m mad I missed this, I really like this show. I wonder if Mr. Saturn knows about this?

It would have been really embarrassing if she’d lost. I can just hear the show’s host making one of his jokes about it: “…If you studied in Georgia- you might be a Redneck.”

I’ve seen that show a few times, and it boggles me how little some people actually know. How can a college graduate not know what a pronoun is?!

Fifth graders are having all of this basic information pounded into them, and have all of this “knowledge” fresh in their minds. This “knowledge” however is rarely applied beyond grade school and anybody older than a middle schooler will have probably forgotten some to all of what is taught in fifth grade. Plus collage students spend their study time working towards a specialty that will aid them in their future career. Though most jobs and some careers don’t use much if any of the information learned in collage, high school, or even grade school (do politicians even use anything outside of public speaking skills and their connections formed during their time attending their prestigious collage?).

I’m not surprised that these adults get their asses handed to them on a regular basis. Those fifth graders are probably the cream of the crop, and vs. some joe shmoe desk jocky. Of course my money is on the fifth grader.

Wow. I’m amazed it’s taken this long for someone to actually win that. I mean a few people have come close, but they usually just give up. Though I’m suspicious of the questions they have on there sometimes. Some of that stuff I sure as hell didn’t know when I was in fifth grade. But I have to facepalm occasionally when people miss those glaringly obvious questions…(“Really? How the hell could you miss that?!”)