:hyperven: For any and all who have heard of the Junior Olympics, or even if you haven’t, this is some coolio stuff. I, along with the rest of my schools airrifle team, have been invited to Junior Olympics: 2005! Georgia.
Anyway, I just found out today, so when I get morei info, I’ll let youknow. Maybe we can all do a drive-by with my gun team with any Georgians here. :dancer:
Now I must laugh menichally in spite of myself. :mwahaha:

EDIT: I found out that it’s the Nationals instead of the Olympics. I was misinformed. However, I am waiting on the reults for the Jr. Olympics still. They’re at the same place.

There are only two Georgians here. And neither of us will post another reply in this thread after I finish this post.

Edit for Flint: The country of Georgia is not the real Georgia. It’s lazy and stupid. Like you. >:(

Edit for Pierson: At least we’re better than a bunch of tea drinkin’ Brits! >:O

What about people from the country Georgia? :open_mouth:

Edit: :frowning:

Awesome, I might be there then. I volunteered to go to the Republic of Georgia on some mission (hopefully I get accepted). Maybe I’ll do some security there or something. They are taking 60 guys from my company, but 200 some volunteered. They kept my name on the list so hopefully I get accepted (I’m doubting it now though since I haven’t heard anything). I should know within the next couple of days though. The Republic of Georigia is right by Turkey and used to be a part of the Soviet Union.

US officials have said that their military presence in Georgia will now become permanent.

SK was right:


And Ukraine wants to rent some Black Sea naval bases to “Amerikanski”.
Oh Mother Russia! How i cry for you.

TrkJac, sorry about spoiling your thread. Georgia, Gruzia, every time i see or hear that, my heart is bleeding.

Why the fuck would you want to go to Georgia? it’s full of Georgians. :stuck_out_tongue:

<!–Georgia is in the south, right?–>

I’m confused, is he going to the state or the country?

The State. I’m actually going to the Us finals, but that’s the day before the Junior Olympics and I’m pretty sure I’m going to those to.

The date was changed from the the last weekend in April, to this up coming weekend. Darn it. The match is on monday, but I’m leaving Sat. and get back on Wed.
I’m still waiting on the Olympics, but the date for that is still the same.
((Sorry for the double post))

I’m back from the the funniest trip I’ve ever been on. Story in a seperate thread when I stop being lazy.

Good luck, Trk. Hope you make it. :victoly: