George Bush

It’s nothing debate-related, I actually just wanted to show something that I found pretty funny:

Pht pht phhhhhht…HAHAHAHAHA!!! :hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha; :mwahaha: :hyperven:

To think, after the “Help Mommy, There are Liberals Under my Bed!” thread I’d thought I’d seen how low/creative the Conservatives could be. 8P

Omega, I think this might be Liberal as it shows him with his fingers crossed behind his back. Also, everyone gnomes are evil. Therefore, George=Gnome=Evil.

One more reason to be breaking Garden Gnomes, I suppose.

…I really don’t know what to say,well like Nulani said more reasons to break garden gnomes



You don’t need any more of a reason to smash garden gnomes.

An attack on the gnome of the president is unconstitutional and unpatriotic! Call John Ashcroft!

You don’t need to have a reason to smash Garden Gnomes it’s…just…plain fun! It’s even more fun with Bazookas! :slight_smile:

Now, serious, in some places in England and France, garden gnomes are considered marauders of evil. The presence of one in a garden makes the value of the property drop if you try selling the house.

At least it’s not a Grecian statue of him. shudder

He looks like a gnome anyways. :smiley: