George Bush a born again "christian"

He and every male in The Bush Dynasty was in a secret society more sinister than The Masons,The Skull & Bones Society,now for something so sinister to be so important to the family(probably since the opening in the 1700’s. you know something fishy is goining on)
When Prescott Bush(his grandfather) was a member he dug up the grave of Geronimo and presented it to his other members,the symbolism of that is beyond me.
now the sries of movies The Skulls which is based on this society I dont know is accurate or not.

But a born again christian I think not,well born again anyway :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha: .

now John Kerry was a member as well but obviously not as extreme as Dubya.

Nah, it’s just another frat, in which the most “sinister” goings-on occur when the house runs out of beer.

George W’s Appointed Bonesmen

George W. Bush, a member of the Order of Skull & Bones, was initiated in 1968. He has appointed over ten fellow members to work in his administration.

Member Bones Cell year Position in Bush Administration
Galbraith, Evan Griffith 1950 Sec. Defense Rumsfeld’s rep. Europe & Defense advisor U.S. mission to NATO
Donaldson, William Henry 1953 Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission
Walker, George Herbert III 1953 U.S. Ambassador to Hungary
McGregor, Jack Edwin 1956 Member, Advisory Board, Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Ashe, Victor Henderson 1967 Member, Board Directors, Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)
Austin, Roy Leslie 1968 U.S. Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago
McCallum, Robert Davis Jr 1968 Associate Attorney General; Assistant Attorney General Civil Division
Cowdry, Rex 1968 Associate Director of the White House’s National Economic Council
McNally, Edward E 1979 Sr. Assoc. Counsel, President; General Counsel, Office of Homeland Security
Wiseman, David Batshaw 1984 Attorney, Justice Department, Civil Division
Boasberg, James Emanuel 1985 Associate Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia

Evan Griffith Galbraith

Sec. Defense Rumsfeld’s rep. Europe & Defense advisor U.S. mission to NATO - Advisory director w/Morgan Stanley, chairman of the board, National Review and a member of the board, Groupe Lagardere S.A. Paris. Untill 1998, he was chairman of the board of LVMH Moet Hennessy Locus Vultton Inc., New York. The Groupe Lagardere S.A. controls, with Daimler Benz, EADS (European Aerospace and Defense Systems), Europe’s largest defense contractor and principal owner of Airbus. US Ambassador to France under Reagan; Managing Dir 75-81, Dillon Read; Chmn 69-75, Bankers Trust International Ltd, London subsidiary Bankers Trust Co; 61-69 w/Morgan Guaranty Trust Co of NY; 61-69 w/Shearman & Sterling; Confidential Asst 60-61, Sec of Commerce; Member, Bar of NY, DC; Lt 53-57, USNR attached to the Central Intelligence Agency. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is stationed in Brussels.

William Henry Donaldson
Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission - Chmn CEO Donaldson Enterprises, Inc, NYC; Dean 75-80, Prof Management Studies, Yale; Spec Advsr 75, US Pres; Under Secretary 73-74, State US; Founder, Chmn of Bd, CEO 59-73, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc (NYC); Mbr 53-70, Alumni Fund; Mbr, Yale Development; Trustee 70- Ford Foundation, Beekman Dwntwn Hosp, Wesleyan U; Mbr 71-7, Yale Corp; Mbr 75-, Yale Investment Comm; Dir, Deer Island Corp; 53-55 Lt USMC

George Herbert III Walker
U.S. Ambassador to Hungary - Chmn, Pres, CEO, Stifel, Nicolaus & Co, Inc (MO); Dirs, Mbr Exec Com, Securities Industry Assn; Bd Gov 83, Midwest Stock Exchange; Assoc Dir, A Gary Shilling & Co; Dir, VChmn, Webster College (MO); Mngng Ptnr, in charge Chicago office GH Walker & Co; Dirs, GH Walker & Co, Inc, Rixson, Inc, Marine Resources, Inc, Lafayette Federal Savings & Loan Assn, Laidlaw Corp, Western-Southern Life Insurance Company, and Macroeconomic Advisors, Inc

Jack Edwin McGregor

Member, Advisory Board, Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation - Of Counsel, Cohen & Wolf. Principal, Freeborn Investors, LLC; CEO, Aquarion Company; Dirs, People’s Bank (Connecticut’s largest bank), Aquarion Water Company, CDG Technology, Inc., and the Connecticut Committee of the Regional Plan Association, Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Barnum Museum, Bay State Gas Company (NYSE), Fairfield University, National Hockey League, University of Bridgeport, and Yale-New Haven Hospital.; Pres, Hampton-Douglas Corp (NY); Chmn 81, Hampton-Windsor Corp; 81- Chmn Intrntnl Water Resources, Ltd; Lawyer, Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay (DC); CEO Carey Energy Corp., a multinational oil company, was general counsel, U.S. Pay Board in the Cost of Living Council; VP, Gen Counsel 72-74, Potomac Electric Power Co; 71, w/US Dept of State Trustees 65- , Point Park College (Pittsburgh), 64-70 Western PA School for the Deaf; Mbr 62-70, PA State Senate; Pres 66-70, Pitts Hockey Club; Gov 67-69, Ntl Hockey League

Victor Henderson Ashe
Member, Board Directors, Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) - Mayor 75-(Four terms), Knoxville, TN; Mbr 72-81 TN State Senate; Mbr 68-72, TN House of Representatives; Lance Corporal, USMC

Roy Leslie Austin
U.S. Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago - 72- Associate Professor of Sociology, Justice and African American Studies; 94-98, Dir. Crime, Law and Justice, Department of Sociology, PA State

Robert Davis McCallum, Jr.

Associate Attorney General; Assistant Attorney General Civil Division - Ptnr, Alston & Bird, Atlanta, GA; Rhodes Scholar

Dr. Rex Cowdry

Associate Director of the White House’s National Economic Council - 76-US Public Health Service; Assoc Clinical Dir, Intramural Research Program, NIMH, MD; Assoc Clinical Prof Georgetown

Edward E. McNally
Sr. Assoc. Counsel, President; General Counsel, Office of Homeland Security -Spec Asst to the Asst Attny Gen, US Dept of Justice, (DC); Dir 83-, Governors Project on Organized Crime & Narcotics Trafficking; Press Aide 81-, Office of VP, US

Wiseman, David Batshaw
Attorney, Justice Department, Civil Division - Department of Justice, Washington, D.C

Boasberg, James Emanuel
Associate Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia - 96- 2001 Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia; 95-96 Assoc. Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd & Evans, Washington, D.C.; 91-94, Assoc. Keker & Van Nest, San Francisco, California; 90-91 law clerk, Honorable Dorothy W. Nelson, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit


The Skulls
Anthony J. Hilder

Until the release of “The Skulls” most people who heard of Yale’s Skull & Bones thought of this Faustian Financial Fratemity as fictitional. But that was yesterday. Today, all across Arnerica milbons are flockng to see The Skulls, a frightening “Fictitional Film” which parallels raw reality. The real Fratemity at Yale, upon which this scary story is based, saw both President George Herbert Walker Bush and his not too bright, bumbling boy “BORN AGAIN” into the Skull & Bones’ Satanic Order. They both laid rude in a coffin, while surrounded by 15 men, cloaked in black, Klansmen-like robes, who performed the rituals.

The initiates at the Skull & Bones cryptic ceremony, do in fact, pledge Allegiance to Satan or something like that, while laying nude. Is this for real? Yeah! “Skulls” fiction is based on fact. For the past century, knowledgeabe pollicos living within Washington’s Beltway have been aware that the Harrimans,the Buckleys and zee other boys from THE BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH are placed in “positions of power” because of their membership in the Skutl and Bones.

How else could one explain how a dim bulb like Baby Bush, whose head is still dazed from drugs becoming the Establishment’s Choice" to head up the Republican Party in the 21st Century. Intelligent people would think twice about hiring Bush on as an Assistant Manager at K-Mart, much less trust him with their money, if he were a teller at their local Bank. Out of nowhere, he became the Govemor of Texas, and is now positioned to become our President.

The Bush’s and their breed, like Gore and Greenspan are appointed by the Powers behind the scenes, who control our currency and subsequently our Press and Politics. How then could this movie about those monsters, who wear the “Mask of Moderates” get made? Follow the money trail, and you’ll find out why this phenomenonal film about “The light of Lucifer” has seen “the light of day.”

Let’s look at Skulls’ Writer/Producerj John Pogue. John’s a graduate of Yale and is himself a member of another strange Fraternity. Did he have it in for the “Bones Boys” from the Brotherhood of Death? Who knows. Regardless, it’s a blessing that Pogue put all the pieces together and we get to see it all on The Big Screen.

It’s common knowledge that Skull & Boners like Herbert Walker, Grandaddy Bush, and Averell Harriman, all backed Adolf Hitler and the Huns in their bid to establish a New World Order. Skulls eludes to this Faustian Fratemity’s inordinate hold on the seats of power, and to what extent they’ll go to maintain “that power,” even it requires mass murder. My friend, Dr. Antony Sutton, wrote all about the subject of the Skull & Bones in four different volumes. They are now combined into one large book, which will be available from We’ll flag it. These Skulls, though supposedly fictional, is frighteningly factional. Dr. Sutton’s Tome reveals what really goes on in the womb of the Bones Tomb.

Is there really a Fraternity at Yale called the Skull & Bones? Yes! Call Yale’s Daily News (203) 432-2424, their Academic Research Department at (203) 737-2266 or their Administrative Office at (203) 4324771 and they will validate it for you. Naturally, they will soft peddle, poo poo, or deny that the Skull & Bones which operates through the Russell Trust has any links to Adam Weishaupts’ Barvarian Illuminati.

There was an article written by a journalist named Ron Rosenbaum entitled “The Last Secrets of the Skull & Bones,” which was published in the September 1977 Issue of Esquire Magazine that exposed this Faustian Fratemity. It describes in detail how the Skulls’ Tomb was broken into back then. The intruders discovered “one room” adorned with nothing but Nazi paraphernalia The Iconoclast Publication of October 13, 1873 put out over a century ago talked of the Satanic Initiations that went on there.

Do the Skulls’ Initiates take their oaths while lying nude in coffins, surrounded by men draped in black hooded robes? Yes! Do they use human remains in their Satanic rituals? Yes! Is it all based on the Doonsbury Cartoons? No, although Cartoonist, Gary Trudeau, is a member. Do they perform ceremonies on Deer Island located in the St Lawrence River once a year? Yes! Do they want to establish World Govemment on the ashes of American Sovereignty? To the best of our knowledge, yes. Will they admit to it? Hell, no!

Do I think that George Bush, Jr. will get questioned over his membership in the Skull & Bones now that the picture is being released? Most assuredly! Conspiracy buffs, Talk Show Hosts, Writers, Researchers, and legitimate Liberal and Conservative Reporters alike will have a field day over this phenomenoniaJ flick. It will give them an opportunity to raise the issue of the Satanic nature of the Skull & Bones. Some of them, recognizing the Skulls’ Luciferian Links will want to drive a wooden stake into the vampirian heart of Bush and the other Blood Suckers from this Faustian Fratemity, who were bom from the bowels of the Illuminati Elite.

Will the Rank and File Republicans ever wake up to the fact that the Evilarchy selects the RNC’s Presidentiai Candidate and has “annointed” Bush to be their “Satanic Socialist Society’s Standard Bearer.” It’s not likely. They’re just too damn dumb to get the message. They’d have to watch old man Bush on 20/20 or Good Moming America sacrificing a yourg boy to Lucifer himself at some Satanic ceremony before they would begin to believe it. Inciderdally, we’ve got a picture of four former Presidents dressed in Black Robes, worshipping a Statue of a 30 foot Owl, hidden within the forest at the Bohemian Grove, which we will publish here in the next few weeks just to let everybody know that these rituals do go on, believe it or not

Just why did this Universal Picture get reieased? To elect Ai Gore, JR I wouldn’t discount that thesis just yet. It reaDy took sorne searchir~ for the Money Monarchy’s Puppet Master to find a Republican Candidate so completely inept, lackir~ in moraiity, charisma anci character that he couid even make a weak, wooden, pl ~astic ~Pditical Puppet~ like Ai Gore look good. But the Republican Nationai Committee done did it. They fourxi one, and his name is George Bush, Jr. This might expiain why Skuils is being so well marketed.

Years ago over lunch in Brentwood, I taiked to the veteran actor, Dean Jagger, about his role as head of the “Bell” another Faustian Fratemity that was patterned after the Skull & Bones in the film Brotherhood of the Bell. Later still, I discussed it with Glenn Ford, his co-star in the epic piece. Both actors seemed unaware of how close the characters they portrayed were, to those who actually are members of this Cabalistic Cashist Club.

Why do I not tell you about the plot of this powerful picture? Quite frankly, the plot could be any of a 100 movies that were made in Hollywood over the past 25 years. But this one is different. Besides that, I don’t want to give anything away, just yet. This script is not just another stupid, scary story. It’s based on the real thing.

Skulls most certainly is one of the most profound pictures made in the past five years. I consider it a must-see movie. It’s a film for the whole family. Americans need to be aware that there is, in reality, such an Evilarchy, and that it rapes, robs and ravishes this Republic. Is there an Illuminati Luciferian Link described in this picture? Most certainly.

On the Hilder scale from A to Z, I rate it a PIP… a Provacative Illuminazi Picture.


Did you really have to paste all that?

I think you two have lots in common

That article is such bullshit. As are the sites it hails from.

The initiates at the Skull & Bones cryptic ceremony, do in fact, pledge Allegiance to Satan or something like that, while laying nude

Yeah, ‘something like that’, meaning not at all. Half the people who’ve given interviews after leaving the S&B Society (and there have been many. even the BBC interviewed some) never mentioned any shit like that. None of them ever mentioned the word ‘Satanic’ in the name. The only thing it gets right is who was in it and that it’s full of important figures of politics. Of course they decide who gets nominations for shit. They’re republicans.

Being a member gives you bragging rights over all of humanity and the ability to ask for money/get a job from other members. Nothing more. It’s just one more group of elitist rich guys who no-one cares about because they’re not worth caring about.

are you really from America?

i doubt Skull and Bones is any creepier than other college fraternities. it just happens that a lot of powerful people are in it, because a lot of powerful people go to yale.

What it boils down to is… Why do we care HOW stupid bush could or could not be at this point. What matters is that most (from best I can tell) people feel that he has done a terrible job as president and thus will not survive this election.

However, (also, from what I’ve heard) Kerry is kicking Bushes butt so hard that he has shit in the back of his throat…

But thats just what I’ve heard. Cause really… debating about this stuff is pointless when I have important things like school to worry about. I’ll vote Kerry, dont really care why, as long as Bush isnt in office. Thats just the way the masses work. puts his “I go with the flow of people” shirt on

Seriously, I’m going to laugh so hard when this country elects Bush back into office. Especially with so many people talking bad of him.

I second that!!! Same with the Claims!!

It might happen, not that I care though; no matter whoever is in charge over there, I’m still getting gangbanged by most of the great nations.

If you trip with the same stone twice, you are either very stupid or you liked it. And unless you are a masochist, chances are that you didn’t like it.

That’s something my father said once.

The Illuminati stole my underpants!

… õ_O

whoa man, that’s hardcore.

Im an entry level member of the Masons. Or a branch of them, at least.

You will all be reported for your’ misconduct. Do not thwart the jellyfish assassins.

and I would not doubt that he or any other male member was a Mason as well
I say that because most of the presidents were Masons

You fail Conspiracy Theory 101, sir.

Isn’t that the kind of information your not supposed to give out? Because now we can leave cryptic messages for people to begin unravelling the secrets of your organization after our unusual deaths.

I remember my Social Sciences professor telling me that the born-again Christians were all big on the end of the world coming real soon. Who knew that they’d be delivering it themselves?

Im one of the 5 Jewish bankers