General Story Progress Tips in U.SaGa

If no new main quest has appeared then do this.

  1. Enter each building in each town you can find and talk to all the people.

  2. Now check all the quests to see if a new main one has appeared.

  3. If no new one has appeared then try the top quests in each town to find out if a story scene starts possibly.

  4. If there is still no new quest then do a side quest. Sometimes this has to be done before you can progress again. In fact in a few quests this is completely true.


If any one has tried Ventus yet, some of his story progress is carried out through the Carrier’s Guild quests and not the adventures that open up in the Inns.

It is also mentioned that in Ventus’ quest your best is to try to take many deliveries to various towns to get more towns on the map opened up. Which should help with story progression of course.