Geez, Stan Lee is everywhere- even in JAPAN!

Stan Lee (or references to him) are everywhere in American Comics, not to mention his cameo appearances in the movies based on his characters. But I never imagined he’d actually influence Manga and Anime (directly that is.)

Some of you may already have noticed the Manga ULTIMO, which is currently running in the (english) version of Shonen Jump (dunno about the Japanese one) and which is not only (supposedly) based on a concept by Lee (I can tell you that “Ultimo” was a giant robot foe of Iron Man from the 1960s, though that seems to be unrelated to this manga) there’s even a character IN the Manga that’s a barely-disguised Stan!

But wait, there’s more! Now there’s going to be a new Mecha Anime series where Lee is also supposedly involved! It’s called HEROMAN and, far as I can tell, is just your average Schoolboy-gets-a-Giant-Robot anime, except for the fact that said mecha has- an American Color Scheme!? Unfortunately the website is in Japanese so I can’t read what it says. Anyone here can translate it for us?

There will be a concurrent Manga as well; dunno if it will be available in English.

You gotta give it to Lee- the guy knows not only how to write comics, but how to sell HIMSELF as well! :hahaha;

tl;dr sorry man, I just don’t have the will any more